Can You Use Aluminium or PVC for Skylights?

Can You Use Aluminium or PVC for Skylights?

August 31st, 2017

Skylight framework can be of different materials, including aluminium or PVC. Both make viable, durable options when integrated into the house in the proper manner. Remember that skylights are just windows on the roof. You may wonder which material is best for your needs, though, and we share a comparison below to help you learn which one you prefer for your skylight.


While PVC will last for years, it is not quite as durable as aluminium is for skylights. Aluminium with outlast PVC since PVC can start to degrade when it reaches a certain age.


PVC is the less expensive material for skylights since it is cheaper to manufacture in comparison to aluminium. This may be an important consideration if you have a limited budget and wish to install a skylight. Aluminium may not need replacement as soon as PVC, which is another consideration when it comes to long-term cost. You should never base a decision just on price, though, as you need to factor in all the other details we are discussing here before you make a final choice.

Flexibility of Design

Aluminium wins this category hands down since it comes in a larger number of profiles than PVC does, and this means it can be tailored to go with any house or building style from contemporary to even traditional. Also, as far as colours go, you have a wider assortment of shades to select from in comparison to the shades of PVC that are presently available.

Aluminium Provides a Thin, Slim Profile with Skylights

When a slim and thin profile is desirable for your skylight, aluminium is the better choice. PVC frames sit a bit higher and are wider in comparison.

Both Aluminium and PVC Skylights Can Offer High Thermal Performance

As far as thermal performance goes, both of these materials can provide it sufficiently for your skylight. Aluminium is best when the skylight is double glazed and is paired with the right glass. PVC is naturally insulating and will perform well regardless of the style of skylight.

For further facts about whether aluminium or PVC is right for your skylight, consult with Win-Tech Australia. Our company provides a wide assortment of PVC and aluminium windows and doors along with skylights for commercial buildings and domestic structures. We are Australian owned and operated, and understand what the people in this country expect in the way of quality products and customer service. After we manufacture your elements, our skilled crew will install them for you in the ideal manner.

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