Year: 2019

Reasons Why You Need Aluminium Bi-fold Windows this Summer

Blog | December 13th, 2019

Summer is the absolute perfect season to maximise the great outdoors by spending more time outside, entertaining, and enjoying the backyard. The season also enables the homeowners to alter several aspects of their home to cater to the new climate conditions and surface temperatures. One alteration that could be done to make your home summer-equipped […]

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Double-Glazed Glass and Powder Coat Finish: Benefits in Aluminium Windows

Blog | December 9th, 2019

Aluminium windows are gaining popularity nowadays due to the many advantages it can offer. As more people avail of this product, more innovations were made to enhance its capacities. This includes equipping aluminium windows with double glazed glass and powder coat finish. Listed below are the ways you can benefit from incorporating such innovations in […]

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Things You Need to Know When Opting for Aluminium Double Hung Windows

Blog | November 22nd, 2019

The timeless character of the aluminium double hung window has made it one of trendiest window options. As aluminium double hung windows gain popularity in home installations nowadays, there are certain things that you need to consider before going out and buying one. Same goes with other purchases. You need to be absolutely certain that […]

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How Double Glazed Aluminium Windows Help Keep Heat and Noise Pollution Outside to Minimum

Blog | November 13th, 2019

Heat and noise pollution outside can be quite stressful and irritating especially when you are lounging in the confines of your home while trying to relax. You will be unable to achieve the optimum level of comfort given those circumstances. Luckily, double glazed aluminium windows can help keep heat and noise pollution outside to minimum. […]

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External Noise Reduction Benefits When Using Double-Glazed PVC Windows and Doors

Blog | October 22nd, 2019

One of the least acknowledged yet extremely powerful cause of displeasure is external noise. Whenever people hear something that causes a disturbance in their routine or task, they tend to dismiss it and force themselves to not think about it. Some would go to various lengths just so they could drown out the noise and […]

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Advantages of Aluminium Louvre Windows

Blog | October 4th, 2019

Whether you are building your dream home from scratch or renovating an existing property, paying attention to detail is important! One of the most dramatic ways that you can overhaul the appearance of a home is by upgrading your windows. Nowadays, more and more homeowners are realising the tangible benefits that are provided to them […]

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Benefits of Using PVC Materials for Casement Windows

Blog | September 24th, 2019

Casement windows do not open and close through sliding up and down. Instead, they do so on one side or the other by the way of a cranking mechanism. While they come with frames of various materials, we are here to discuss the attributes of using polyvinyl chloride or PVC in this style of window […]

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Maintaining a Comfortable Atmosphere Indoors Using PVC Doors and Windows

Blog | September 5th, 2019

You spend a lot of time in your home. One of your priorities is making sure your family and guests are comfortable. Installing PVC doors and windows can help you maintain a quiet and comfortable atmosphere inside your home. Advantages of PVC Doors and Windows Natural insulation is one of PVC’s qualities. It can reduce […]

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Questions to Ask a Window and Door Installation Company Before Hiring It to Install Aluminium or PVC Windows and Doors at Your Property

Blog | August 20th, 2019

If you are similar to other property owners, you are not familiar with the process of replacing PVC or aluminium windows and doors. It is not even something you think about unless one of your doors and windows malfunctions or breaks for any reason. The problem with this is that you may not choose the […]

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Different PVC Window and Door Designs Tailor-made to Fit Your Home’s Specification

Blog | August 5th, 2019

When it comes time to upgrade your home, there are a variety of different directions that you can go to. For our part, we always suggest improvements in the areas that will make a difference in your quality of life. To accomplish that, we advocate installing new PVC windows and doors. Here at Win-Tech Australia, […]

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