4 Basic Aluminium Door Maintenance Tips You Should Know About

04 November 2021

To date, there are many quality and dependable materials that can be utilised in manufacturing doors. But one material that many property owners tend to choose for their doors is aluminium.

Aluminium doors are preferred by many property owners due to their accompanying benefits. First, aluminium doors can easily withstand outdoor elements like moisture and heat. They can likewise resist damages that come from corrosion, rust, and termites. Another great feature of aluminium doors is that they are appealing thanks to their grand and modern looks. They are also sustainable and eco-friendly as they can be recycled once they have reached the end of their service life.

If you currently own aluminium doors on your property, then you have surely benefitted from them. However, they still have to be maintained optimally to fully maximise their core features. Some maintenance tips that you can do are as follows:

  1. Conduct General Cleaning

One maintenance tip that you can do to your aluminium door is to clean it entirely. All parts of your aluminium door should be cleaned optimally so that they can last for a very long time. When cleaning the said door, you must use water, mild detergent, and a clean cloth or rag to remove all stains and other dirt particles on its surface. If your aluminium door, however, features some glass portions, then you must clean it with cleaning solutions that are not acidic.

  • Eradicate Scratch Marks

Aluminium doors are designed to withstand damaging elements in the surroundings. However, they can still get some scuffs and small marks due to normal daily use. If your aluminium door has scratched surfaces, you must remove them fully. One great way to remove scuffs and small marks is to utilise non-abrasive liquid cream or paraffin cleaner. But if your aluminium door has deep scratches, then you must retouch it with special paint products to avoid attaining damages.

  • Eliminate Tracks’ Debris

Different types of aluminium doors can be utilised by property owners like you. If you are maximising bi-fold or sliding aluminium doors, then they surely utilise tracks, runners, or rollers for them to be opened or closed. Over time, the tracks, runners, or rollers of your doors can accumulate debris and items that can affect their performance. To maintain your aluminium doors, you must make sure that your tracks will be cleaned. They must also be lubricated so that the doors can be opened and closed smoothly.

  • Lubricate Lock Systems

One more thing that you should do to maintain your aluminium doors is to lubricate the lock systems. The locking systems of your aluminium doors are designed to work for a very long time. However, they must still be lubricated so that they can keep working. Lubrication helps your locks to be functional and maintain your safety. You can apply some oil to your key before inserting it so that the locking cylinders of your systems will be lubricated fully.

For more information about aluminium door maintenance, you can call us at Win-tech Australia.

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