5 Key Reasons Why You Should Go for Aluminium Windows

09 July 2021

Windows are essential to any building or property.

They can help in providing natural light and beautiful outdoor views to rooms and spaces. These elements can also provide proper ventilation to a building. And with the right materials, these windows can regulate the temperature of the whole place, ensuring that energy consumption will be regulated.

One material that can be used in generating windows is aluminium. Aluminium is a chemical element that has a low density compared to other common metals. It is likewise soft, non-magnetic, ductile, and can reflect light. This element also can develop a thin oxide layer whenever it interacts with oxygen, protecting it from corrosion and other similar damaging elements. If you are thinking of opting for aluminium windows, then here are some reasons why you should go for them.

Corrosion Resistance

A key reason why you should go for aluminium windows is that they can resist corrosion. The oxide layer of the material allows the windows to be protected from the elements that cause corrosion. Even the damaging effects of heat and moisture can be easily deflected by the aluminium windows. You can also expect these windows to be resistant to cracking, splitting, swelling, or warping. The ability of the windows to withstand damaging elements can be enhanced further by anodising or painting their surface.

Strong and Durable

Pure aluminium naturally has low tensile strength. But once it is alloyed with other metal elements, then its strength and lifespan are expected to increase tremendously. The strength to weight ratio of aluminium windows is significantly better when compared to steel and other window materials. And with their respectable strength, aluminium windows can truly withstand extreme temperatures in the surroundings and various forms of breakage during their manufacturing process.

Respectable Insulation

Another reason why you should go for aluminium windows is that they offer respectable insulation to the property. Before, aluminium windows aregenerally not recommended for properties that aim to reduce energy consumption. But with the introduction of thermal breaks, aluminium windows can now sustain a high level of insulation, energy efficiency, and cost savings.

Beautiful Appearance

More and more property owners today are now opting for aluminium windows due to their wide array of style options. Aluminium windows can be anodised or powder coated to provide a smooth yet beautiful finish. Alternatively, these windows can also be coated with paint. They can boast colours that have pastel tones, bright primary shades, or different hues of grey. The option to customise their colours can provide you with the opportunity to match them with your existing property style and design.

Environmentally Friendly

One more reason why you should go for aluminium windows is that they are environmentally friendly. Windows and other products made from aluminium can be recycled and used again to generate new products for various industries. And since they can be recycled, the number of wastes on landfills can be decreased gradually, contributing to a smaller carbon footprint and less pollution.

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