5 Reasons to Switch to PVC Doors for your Home

09 May 2017

The use of PVC products is on the rise, and one area where this can be plainly seen is in the construction industry. Whether it is new home builds, or home renovation projects, PVC doors and windows are being used and preferred more and more, for good reasons. To help property owners understand why so many people are switching to PVC doors, here 5 good reasons why.

Why Property Owners are Switching to PVC Doors

1. Easy to install – light weight, PVC doors are easily installed and do not require the same amount of intense labour as typical timber framed doorways, which means they save property owners money.

2. PVC doors are affordable
– when compared to any other materials used for doors, PVC doors are without a doubt one of the less expensive available. In fact, when comparing the prices of low-end timber and metal doors, you can get a high-end PVC door instead, which makes these a very attractive choice for buildings that require the installation of many doors.

3. Corrosion resistant – compared to metal doors, PVC doors are also easier to maintain because these do not corrode or rust over time, and neither do these lose strength or degrade as the years pass. This means PVC doors maintain their aesthetic appeal, even when exposed to exterior environments.

4. No refinishing required – both wooden doors and metal door will eventually need refurnishing over the course of their lifespan, to restore these to a like-new condition, but not PVC doors. As time passes, corrosion and rot negatively affect metal and wooden doors, and these need to be refurnished to remain functional and aesthetically appealing, but PVC doors never lose their ‘new’ look, and only require cleaning any dust or dirt build-up using warm water and soap.

5. Recyclable – for green builders, PVC doors are an obvious choice because these are recyclable and do not negatively affect the environment, and, their use lowers the raw material demand for wooden doors.

If you are considering PVC doors and windows for your next commercial or home renovation project, then let us here at Win-Tech Australia help you. Our selection of PVC doors and windows, as well as aluminium doors and windows, are designed to be architecturally appealing and stylish, able to meld naturally with any décor. You are invited to view our gallery and contact us with any questions you may have.

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