7 Misconceptions about PVC Doors

29 March 2022

PVC doors are an excellent choice for your Melbourne home. Although they have been around for about 40 years and are popular throughout Europe and the United States, many people have some misconceptions about them. They are an excellent choice for homes in many parts of Australia. Here are 7 misconceptions that people have about PVC doors.

1. PVC Causes Condensation

Many people claim that when they installed PVC doors, they developed a condensation problem in the home. It is not the PVC door that caused the condensation. It is that the old door leaked and caused airflow, which prevented the condensation from occurring. The PVC door has a tighter fit and eliminates the leaking air. This lack of airflow sets up the perfect environment for condensation to occur.

2. PVC Is Bad for the Environment

PVC can be recycled, and no trees need to be harvested to produce the material. It is also an excellent insulator, which means that it cuts back on fossil fuel use to heat the home. It is a long-lasting material that will not end up in a landfill and continue the cycle.

3. PVC Doors are Expensive

Many people think that because PVC is a novel material for doors that it is expensive. When you compare actual costs, you will find that this is not true. PVC is much cheaper than timber or aluminium, which is one reason why it is becoming such a popular choice.

4. PVC Turns Yellow

This is a problem that was true in the early days of PVC. Now, manufacturing processes have improved, and this is no longer a problem.

5. PVC Doors Are Not Strong

Today’s PVC doors are reinforced with galvanized iron, and this makes them sturdy and secure. PVC is designed to hold up to the Australian climate, including the hot sun, strong winds, and heavy downpours.

6. PVC Doors Are Flammable

In areas where a fire is a concern, many people think that PVC is a highly flammable material and will place your home at risk. The truth is that PVC is actually a fire retardant. When you compare it to timber, PVC is much less likely to catch fire.

7. PVC Doors Are Not Aesthetically Pleasing

Now, you can find PVC doors in many colours and finishes. You can find one to match the architecture of your home, and they resist fading over time. You can find choices that mimic natural wood so closely that you cannot tell the difference unless you get up to it extremely close.

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