Advantages of using uPVC frames for Windows and Doors

23 February 2017

Polyvinyl chloride, better known as vinyl, it was discovered in 1913, it is one of the oldest industrial plastics known to man. It became very popular is the early 1940’s, and its use continued to grow well into 1980’s, and was considered a staple of the then ‘modern’ industry. But with the advent of modern plastics, and the growing awareness of global pollution, as well as the need for stronger, more affordable and readily available materials, vinyl soon fell out of popular use.

However, its lack of popularity did not spell the end for vinyl – in fact, it became the impetus for newer and better varieties of vinyl – the most popular to date being uPVC. The material uPVC, known in the scientific and industrial world as ‘plasticised polyvinyl chloride’ is a more ‘modern’ version of PVC, which retains many PVC qualities, but is superior to it in more ways than one.

uPVC Frames For Windows and Doors has Advantages

One of the advantages that uPVC has to offer is its tensile strength. Unlike PVC which can warp, bend, and crack, uPVC is harder and will not flex or warp, earning it the nickname ‘rigid PVC’. This rigidity and durability, coupled with the fact that it is lightweight in nature, makes it an ideal building material for things like windows and doorways. In fact, uPVC is becoming a more popular choice for doorways and windows, even though there are other far more durable materials out there.

One of the reasons for its popularity is due to its strong nature, when compared to regular PVC, it is a very hardy material that is able to take the full brunt of the elements without sustaining significant damage. This hardiness extends to its longevity, making it the ideal choice for windows and doorways that are always at the ‘front lines’ of weathering. It is lightweight, heat-stable, non-fading, and it provides the perfect balance of versatility, durability, and aesthetics. Being a plastic, it is likewise perfectly moldable into of a bevy of design variations.

If you’re looking for a perfect alternative to wood, metal, or run-of-the-mill plastics, you can find a wide assortment of uPVC mouldings and fittings for doorways and windows, here at Win-Tech Australia – an established family-run business that has been in the industry since 2004. We take pride in being a 100% Australian owned and operated manufacturer of quality PVC and aluminium doors and windows, and assorted building products for use in commercial or residential buildings.

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