All the Benefits and Drawbacks of Aluminium Windows

10 February 2022

Windows are essential components of home properties since they can carry out a lot of functions.

For one, windows can effectively deter outdoor elements from entering the properties. They can likewise provide great views of the surroundings, especially when they are opened. Windows can likewise regulate the temperatures of the properties. Beautiful and lively natural light can evenenter the properties once windows are installed appropriately and strategically.

But before the windows can provide these functions, they must be made from the right material first. One material that is often picked by homeowners today is aluminium. If you want to know more about aluminium windows, here are some of their notable benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits of Aluminium Windows

When you opt for aluminium windows, you can expect to gain the following benefits.

  • Strong and Durable: One of the benefits of aluminium windows is they are durable. Aluminium itself has been popular among contractors as it can easily withstand heat, moisture, and other outdoor elements. So, using it can provide homeowners windows that are durable and long-lasting. Aluminium windows can likewise become stronger once they are fitted with robust glass.
  • Lightweight: Another notable benefit of aluminium windows is that they are lightweight. The low weight of aluminium windows can be beneficial for your property since they can be fitted and installed seamlessly. They do not even require any additional processes just to put them on your property. This specific benefit can then make the windows much cheaper to process, transport, and purchase.
  • Easy to Maintain: Aside from their strength and weight, aluminium windows are also easy to maintain, which can be beneficial for your property. Since they do not get damaged by elements, they do not require any upkeep activities that can cost a lot of money. As long as they are coated with the right finish, you can expect your aluminium windows to last despite minimal cleaning and upkeep.

Drawbacks of Aluminium Windows

Just like other windows, aluminium windows still possess some drawbacks that you must know.

  • Energy Inefficiency: One of the drawbacks of aluminium windows is they somehow lack the efficiency needed for energy use. Compared to other materials, aluminium windows can cause some issues when it comes to regulating the temperatures of the property. Fortunately, they are now paired with thermal breaks and other enhancements that intend to resolve this drawback.
  • Corrosion Susceptibility: Another drawback that is associated with aluminium windows is their susceptibility to corrosion. Despite their resistance to weather elements, some of these windows can still corrode once they are exposed to salt in the air or water. The only way to make these windows strong against corrosion is to provide them with a special marine-grade powder coating.

Despite the drawbacks of aluminium windows, homeowners still prefer them due to their accompanying benefits. To install aluminium windows on your property, feel free to call us at Win-tech Australia. We are a family-owned business, manufacturing quality PVC & aluminium windows & doors since 2004.

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