Aluminium and PVC Architectural Window Frames for Better Home Design and Value

21 March 2018

For the ultimate quality in aluminium and PVC architectural window frames to adorn and emphasize your home’s exterior style and interior decor fashion and allure, you need the expertise of top-tier window frame design and production companies. Since the majority of these design and manufacturing companies also supply their frames to customers, window frame experts can offer you the very latest in advice, designs and installation services for new home windows with stylish, practical frames.

Your home’s windows, their frames and decorative treatments are prominent and essential style elements of the overall design and ambiance of your residence. For this reason, you want excellent advice from experienced professionals in the home window frame manufacturing and supply business concerning the ideal choice of frames. They are prepared to secure and embellish your home’s windows for high architectural quality, functionality and stunning interior decor.

Fine Quality Aluminium and PVC Architectural Window Frames for Enhanced Home Design and Value

Both aluminium and PVC (polyvinyl chloride, a synthetic plastic polymer) architectural window frames offer high style, durability and energy efficiency to enhance your home’s exterior style while increasing its interior design appeal. Your home will gain greater curb appeal and added warmth, elegance and long-lasting wear for its interior rooms. Any and all of these benefits will increase the aesthetic and financial value of your home property.

Aluminium Window Frames

This fine team of window frame experts will work closely with you to achieve the ideal frame type and design to best complement and enhance the appearance of your home, including both internal and exterior style elements. Aluminium window frames offer lasting durability, easy maintenance and cost-effectiveness. These experts will help you select from the following design options for your new, fashionable windows with frames of aluminium:

• Single or Double Glazed Windows. – Homeowners can select either single or double glazed windows. Especially if some of your home’s windows are directly exposed to heavy rain and wind year-round or to harsh winter weather conditions, double glazed windows can be energy-efficient. These windows with their sturdy, airtight aluminium frames will help to maintain your indoor heat while preventing cold air from the outside from chilling your home’s interiors. During the hot days of summer, these windows and frames will also insulate your home from the excessive heat.

• Slender and Sleek or Thick and Substantial. – Due to its strength, resilience and durability, aluminium is ideal for producing sleek, streamlined frames, which emphasize and showcase the luster and sheen of the window’s glass pane, whether single or double glazed. However, if a thicker, more substantial aluminium frame is more suitable for complementing your overall home design and decor, this metal is lightweight and suitable for use in manufacturing larger, thicker window frames as well.

PVC Window Frames

Your architectural home window experts can also explain the many benefits of choosing PVC window frames for your home. The strength and versatile features of this manufacturing material make it a very good choice for many customised window frame designs and creative style options, such as:

• Single or Double Glazed Windows. – Like aluminium window frames, PVC frames can be fitted with either single or double glazed glass. PVC is a versatile building material that can be used effectively for manufacturing strong, durable frames of many varied shapes, designs and thicknesses. PVC is popular with some young window frame designers and manufacturers, especially for use in making custom windows due to the versatility of this material. PVC window frames also offer high levels of thermal performance, helping to insulate the rooms of your home to keep them cool in summer heat and warm throughout the coldest days of winter. PVC window frames also offer good noise control, which is advantageous if you live near a commercial area or busy highway.

• Classic Rectangular or Customised Contemporary.
– Whether your home interior design is best fitted with classic rectangular windows with thin to moderately thick frames or customised contemporary designs of irregular shape and varied dimensions, PVC is an ideal window frame material for your home’s new windows. This material maintains high degrees of durability, regardless of its shape or thickness, and it is popular for use in making creative, customised frame designs.

By contacting the experienced professionals at Win-Tech Australia in Coolaroo, Victoria, you will receive top quality advice, designs and standard or customised window frames to enhance and emphasize the interior decor of every room in your home. This fine caliber team will help you decide between installing your favorite style of aluminium or PVC window frames, living up to their company goal of enabling customers to view windows “in a new light, with better Performance, Design & Practicality.”

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