Aluminium Door Design Options: Differences between Sliding, Stacker, Hinged, and Bi-fold Doors

30 May 2017

Aluminium door design options are ideal for homes since they are easy to maintain, durable and offer an adequate thermal performance. Since these door options come in a variety of styles, though, it can be a confusing task to select which style is best for your needs unless you understand the differences between the styles. To help clear the confusion, we list the styles below along with an explanation of each. After reading this information, it will be clear to you which ones will suit your purposes.

List of Styles for Aluminium Door Design Options

1. Sliding Doors

Sliding aluminium doors install on tracks with one side being stationary and the other one sliding horizontally to open and close. A sliding door setup can be designed to open on the right or left depending upon your preference. An ideal choice for patio doors since sliding doors require a minimum of floor space to operate correctly.

2. Stacker Doors

While stacker doors have the same appearance as sliding doors, they contain more than one movable panel. The configuration typically includes 3 to 5 panels with one being stationary, and they stack as they open. If your space calls for it, though, additional panels are possible. These doors are ideal when you want a large area of the wall open to allow light in and access to a balcony or patio.

3. Hinged Doors

Aluminium hinged doors probably are the ones that you are the most familiar with for houses. They come in both single and French door models. With the single versions, they can hinge on either the left or right side, depending upon your needs or preference. In the French door models, there are two doors, with both doors hinging on their appropriate sides. The doors latch together in the middle for closure. Either version is ideal for a house main entryway and a patio entryway while the single ones also are ideal for room entrances.

4. Bi-Fold Doors

The aluminium bi-fold doors are made up of hinged panels that folding up accordion-style when they open. They do require additional floor space in comparison to the other styles we mention here. These are ideal for closing off a large space from another one even in the interior of the house or just for a patio entryway when you wish to open up the entire patio to enjoy the view.

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