Aluminium Doors for Industrial Settings: Why Customise?

14 February 2019

Industrial buildings and facilities are typically constructed to be more durable than residential and commercial buildings. Because of this, aluminium doors for industrial settings are built stronger and are often customised, to meet unique specifications that are influenced by the type of purpose they will serve within a specific industry.

Basically, in industrial settings, one type of door doesn’t fit all sizes or purposes. That is why there are various types of industrial aluminium doors available to meet the demanding needs of industrial businesses.

Different Types of Customised Aluminium Doors for Industrial Settings

There are types of aluminium doors available for all type of industrial settings, no matter the location, purpose, or climate because not one door design fits all purposes. While aluminium doors can be specially designed and customised to accommodate literally any need, there are a few main types of aluminium doors that are most commonly used in industrial settings, these include:

Swinging aluminium industrial doors
– these are custom manufactured, to meet exacting specifications to fit any doorway. Built to last, heavy-duty swinging aluminium doors are durable and ideal for use in all areas where maintaining security is a vital.
Also, swinging aluminium industrial doors can be designed to open and close automatically, for ease of use and to provide increased security.

Sliding aluminium doors – industrial sliding aluminium doors are seamless and can either be manually operated or automated to open and close. Perfect for busy workplaces and areas where space is limited.

Slide and fold aluminium doors – also known as bi-fold doors, industrial slide and fold aluminium doors do not take up much space and are perfect for industrial settings where rolling doors are typically used, such as to secure warehouse storage bays. The advantage is that slide and fold aluminium doors are easier to install, use, and maintain than roll up doors.

Slide and fold aluminium doors can be customised to meet the individual needs of a facility, using tracks mounted above and below the doorway opening to allow the sliding door parts to easily open and close.

At Win-Tech Australia, we specialise in aluminium doors and windows for industrial settings, residential homes, and commercial businesses. We are 100% Australian owned and operated, and we take great pride in delivering the best products and service to our clients. If you are in need of aluminium doors, then we can help, all work is guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations.

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