Aluminium Frames for Windows and Doors: What are the Advantages?

19 April 2017

Over the years, various parts of your house will need improvement, including doors and windows. When you need to update these items at your house, you should consider the attributes of ones with aluminium frames. The reason that we recommend this particular style of these elements is the fact that aluminium provides you with numerous advantages ranging from being cost-effective to offering high durability. We share these benefits with you in the list that follows.

1. Cost-Effective Option for Windows and Doors

Aluminium frames are an affordable option in doors and windows in comparison to ones of timber and other materials. If your house requires numerous replacements, this benefit will help you afford to hire all of them installed at one time instead of only a few at a time.

2. Aluminium Frames Come in a Variety of Colours

A powder coating provides the aluminium frames with a wide range of colours and finishes. You can choose the shade and finish that best suits your house. Colours range from white to black, and the finishes range from simulated timber to metallic-looking ones. In addition, this powder coating eliminates the need for painting year after year.

3. Lightweight, Flexible Design Options

The lightweight nature of aluminium frames for doors and windows provides flexible design options. Windows come in awning, fixed, casement, double-hung, louvre and sliding styles. Door options include stacker, bifold, sliding and hinged.

4. Durable and Weather Resistant

Aluminium doors and windows will endure a wide range of weather conditions, are resistant to corrosion and will not warp. This high durability provides years of use without the need for replacement and therefore, you receive a high return on your initial investment.

5. Aluminium Is Recyclable

Since aluminium is recyclable, you make an eco-friendly choice when you select windows and doors of this metal. Less energy is necessary for recycling aluminium in comparison to manufacturing it from scratch.

6. Effective Thermal Performance

Aluminium frames provide effective thermal performance, which you can increase through your choice of glass for your doors and windows. In fact, their performance exceeds the performance of both PVC and timber materials for doors and windows.

For further details about aluminium frames for windows and doors, contact Win-Tech Australia. We will work in conjunction with you to turn your ideas and needs into a reality, whether you require our stock offerings or customised ones. Explore our website to learn further facts about our offerings and our business. We will provide you with a quote upon your request.

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