Aluminium Window Frame Designs: Customised Options that Deliver the Best for Your Home

13 May 2020

Windows are often the best way for us to enjoy the views of our neighbourhood or locality. They also let natural light come in from the outside, making our homes livelier. Aside from the overall look and feel, windows are intended to keep our homes cross ventilated. 

All these benefits of windows can only be utilised if you use the appropriate material for your home. One of the best materials in choosing your windows is aluminium since it can readily provide your home dependable source of light, comfort, and a view of your outside space. It is also strong, which gives you greater flexibility when it comes to window frame designs. The durability of aluminium also allows you to enjoy its longer lifespan. 

When you use aluminium windows, you can choose your frame design based on the architectural style and needs of your home. The following are some of the frame designs that you can install.

Sliding Windows

Sliding aluminium windows are comprised of a fixed glass panel and one or more moving glass panels. This type of window can be opened and closed just by sliding the panels horizontally left or right. And since they do not require a lot of space, sliding windows are most useful in rooms with limited wall space like bathrooms, kitchen, and utility areas. Households with older residents or those with limited physical abilities can also use these windows since they are very easy to open and close. 

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows have two vertically moving sash panels. The top panel of these windows can be moved down, while the bottom panel can be moved up. This functionality of double-hung windows allows you to open and close both the panels independently. If your home has tall and narrow openings, then installing these windows would be great for you. What is great about these windows is that they allow maximum airflow and improved air quality for your home. They also eliminate the risk of accidents since they do not crank out. 

Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top of the opening, which allows the bottom of the window to swing outward. They are made to only open to a fixed degree, which can be helpful during the raining season since they do not allow moisture seepage on your walls. These windows are great for households with small children since they do not have sharp edges or corners when they are opened. Moreover, children cannot climb through them because of the limited and fixed opening angle. 

Louvre Windows

Louvre windows can bring elegance to your home because of their stylish appearance. They feature a series of horizontal glass slats that can be opened and closed through sliding the lever upwards or downwards. This window frame design is great for small rooms with minimal wall space like laundry areas, bathrooms, or narrow hallways as it can provide you great energy-efficient ventilation. Installing these windows can also give you an increased sense of security since their openings are limited.

Bi-fold Windows

Installing bi-fold windows allow you to maximise space without sacrificing style. They are fully opened on their maximum range as their windows panes can be folded neatly to the left or right, which can readily provide your home more optimal living space. Bi-fold windows are perfect for kitchens and entertaining areas as they still allow you to engage with your family members or visitors while you are working on specific areas. These windows can also make your home feel huge and bright.

Choosing the best frame design for your aluminium windows can help you achieve optimal ventilation, pleasing aesthetic appeal, and the best use of home space. If you want to have aluminium windows installed, feel free to contact us now at Win-tech Australia. We are 100% Australian owned & operated & pride ourselves on delivering the best innovative PVC & aluminium systems to the architectural, commercial, and home improvement markets.

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