Aluminium - Features


Aluminium is known for its slim profile, narrow sight line, durability, low maintenance and lower cost. Although it is a light weight material, in terms of its weight to strength ratio, it is a fairly strong material, which allows aluminum windows and doors to be configured into a wide variety of combinations. The narrowness of the frame also places the focus on the glass and subsequently, the view it has to offer.

Glass Options

With the fast paced world around us, keeping the heat and noise pollution outside to minimum is on everybody’s mind when they arrive home. With the ability to use double glazing on a range of our aluminium systems, you are able to achieve higher performance & energy efficiency to all your windows & doors.

Accounting for up to 90% of thermal performance of all windows & doors, glass is the most influential factor in determining energy efficiency. Since not all glass products are created equal. it is important to select the appropriate glass for your specific purpose. With a vast range of glass options, we are able help you achieve U-V & SHGC value you require for your project.

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Aluminium windows & doors are available in an almost infinite range of Dulux powder coat finishes, as well as a number of anodised finishes.

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