Architectural Windows: Easy Window Treatments for PVC and Aluminium Windows

27 August 2018

Once you install your new PVC or aluminium architectural windows in your home or other building, the next step is to add window treatments to them to enhance their and the room’s appearance. While some property owners go all out with these treatments, others keep them easy and simple. If you are in a quandary about what type of treatments for your windows will suit your taste and needs, we are here to provide you with the following suggestions for easy ones.


Shades are highly popular for those who want a simple window treatment that installs quickly. They are made up of sheets of fabric and come in a wide range of materials that range from simple, canvas fabric to elaborate, decorative fabric. Also, these come in different styles, such as roller, Roman, pleated, woven and blackout shades. Each style has its own unique look and benefits. A wide range of colours also is available for your consideration.


Many use the term blinds and shades as if they mean the same thing. However, these two window treatments are different from each other. Unlike shades, blinds are constructed with individual slats rather than a sheet of material. The materials in the slats vary, including such choice as aluminium, vinyl or wood. At times, the slats are covered in cloth. Blinds also come in different finishes and colours.

Drapes and Curtains

Both curtains and drapes hang from rods attached above the windows. The difference between these two window treatments is their length. Curtains typically come down just below the window and never go all the way to the floor. They also can have a short upper layer with a slightly longer lower layer. The material in them ranges from sheer to blackout depending upon the style. Drapes go from just above the windows all the way down to the floor. Same materials are available in drapes as with curtains. Some of even thermally lined.


When privacy is not a concern, many choose to just use valances at the top of their architectural windows for a decorative touch. Also, valances can be paired with any of the above easy window treatments.

You May Be Able to Choose Motorisation for Easy Window Treatments

While all these treatments come in manual-operating versions, others come with motorisation capability. This capability allows you to operate the treatments anywhere in the room via remote control.

For further suggestions for easy window treatments for PVC and aluminium architectural windows, consult with Win-Tech Australia. We also are a reliable source for these types of windows.

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