Basic Maintenance Tips for PVC Doors

29 January 2021

Manufacturers would often utilise different materials in producing doors for properties. Some of these doors would be made from real wood, while others may be created out of stainless steel. Another material that is also used in manufacturing doors is polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

PVC doors have been offered in the market for a long time now as they have features and characteristics that other doors do not possess. For one, they are known to have respectable strength and hardiness. Additionally, they can be effective in environments that can get moist over time. If you are installing these doors on the said environments, you can expect that they will not rot, fade, or warp over time.

While they truly possess high-quality features, they still have to be maintained to effectively preserve their service lives. If you currently own these doors, then here are some maintenance tips that you must do.

Obtain the Right Cleaning Materials

In cleaning your doors, you must obtain the right cleaning tools and materials to effectively avoid damaging your PVC doors. When it comes to cleaning PVC doors, you must gather the following materials: a cleaning solution, dry and soft non-abrasive cloth, grease for lubrication, and talcum powder for the gaskets. Your cleaning solution can be substituted by liquid soap or mild detergent.

Your cleaning solution can be created by mixing white vinegar and water in a 2:1 ratio. You must also add liquid soap or utensil cleaner on the said solution to make it more effective. 

Remove Dust and Other Particles

Before using your cleaning solution in removing dirty PVC doors, you must first remove all dust particles that have accumulated on these doors. Whether you are using these doors as your internal or external doors, they can all attract dust and other similar debris. Removing them before applying some cleaning solution can help you prevent dry debris from ruining the door surfaces. You must wipe their surfaces out by using a dry and soft cloth. Once the dust particles are out, you can now proceed to the next tip.

Clean and Maintain the PVC Doors

Regular cleaning and maintenance of PVC doors can significantly improve their service lives as well as their core properties. When cleaning your PVC doors, you must use the cleaning solution that you have made so that your doors will not allow any accumulation of stains and other dirty elements. You can also use this specific cleaning solution in cleaning your locks, hinges, and other door components.

And to ensure that the door components will be at optimum condition, you must use suitable lubricants so they will not experience any stiffness. You must likewise tighten all crews to prevent them from falling off.

These maintenance tips can help you preserve the lives of your PVC doors and avoid unnecessary expenses due to sudden repairs and replacements. If you want to know more about these tips, feel free to contact us at Win-tech Australia.

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