Benefits of Custom Designed Aluminium and PVC Window Frames for Multi-Unit Homes

28 February 2018

As you no doubt know by now, owning a home can be one of the bigger sources of stress in your life. Fortunately, there are a ton of ways to mitigate this stress and most of them have to do with making good decisions regarding the upkeep of your property. This is especially true if you inhabit or own a multi-unit home. A multi-unit home will come with a variety of different expenses that other properties simply will not have to deal with, including but not limited to a marked increase in windows and doors. As a result, many property owners are looking for high-quality ways to keep their windows functional, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. In order to accomplish this, we suggest taking a peek at the value that aluminium and PVC frames can provide.

Aluminium and PVC Window Frames: Residential Benefits

The trick to finding success as a property owner is in taking care of every aspect of your home. Now, obviously you are going to pay close attention to your roof and your front door, but how much time do you spend actually trying to optimise your window frames? As it turns out, window frames can be a key access point to your home for heat and cold air to come in and out of your home. Taking care of these window frames with high-quality aluminium and PVC frames can make a huge difference. Let’s look closely at aluminium and PVC as a window frame material.

1) PVC – When you first hear of PVC window frames your mind might wander to cheap plastic – this, however, would be the wrong way to go. PVC is a pliant, easy to use, affordable material. With multi-unit homes, you want to maximise your value while never negating your quality and PVC can help with that.

2) Aluminium – The star of our show is aluminium. Aluminium window frames can be made to fit your exact specifications. These window frames also are affordable while maintaining an elegant design.

The benefits of operating with PVC and aluminium are pretty obvious, once you start to dig into the details. Here are a few benefits that both PVC and aluminium window frames possess.

1) Energy Efficiency – Compared to other window frames, aluminium and PVC are able to effectively retain heat and repel cold — and vice versa when the seasons flip.

2) Affordability – PVC, and aluminium are the most affordable options in the marketplace for high-quality window frame solutions.

3) Durability – And finally we come to durability. Aluminium and PVC are long-lasting materials that can withstand rigorous weather as well as regular wear-and-tear.

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