Benefits of Double Glazed Hinged Aluminium Doors for Bedroom Balconies

11 December 2017

If you have found your way to this blog then you likely are considering pursuing aluminium built, double glazed doors for your bedroom balcony. Obviously, this is such a specific niche that you did not get here on purpose! Here at Win-tech Australia, we believe in educating our potential customers to the full extent that we can. That is why today we are going to be focusing on the benefits of pursuing double glazed hinged aluminium doors. Let’s learn a little bit about double glazing and why using it for your hinged balcony door can be just the thing for you!

The Double Glazing Hinged Advantage!

You’re the doorway to your bedroom balcony should be a metaphorical entrance to your relaxing paradise. Having a beautiful balcony with a wonderful view can be rare, so why cheapen it by slapping on any old door? There is a benefit to pursuing aluminium doors and that benefit is only doubled-down by opting to double glaze them and use them on hinges.

First, let us start by addressing the actual material itself. Aluminium doors are renowned for being affordable, lightweight, and easy to install. Aluminium doors are made even more effective when you opt to have them double glazed. Let’s dig into the importance of double glazing for the explicit purpose of using it on your bedroom balcony door.

Second, we’ll talk about how important double glazing can turn out to be — particularly if you have never used this style of a door before. Double glazing is essentially the act of laying down layers of glass on your door where otherwise one layer would only exist. The goal in using double glazing is to offer these benefits:

1. Noise Reduction – Being that this door will go straight to your balcony from your bedroom, you definitely want to have noise reduction be a priority. Keep the outside noises on the outside and keep your sleeping schedule safe and secure.

2. Energy Efficiency
– If there is ONE room in the home that should be comfortable, it is your bedroom. By double glazing your aluminium door, you are increasing your energy efficiency. This means that your hot air will stay in and your cold air will stay out!

3. Security
– Any entrance/exit that leads from your bedroom had best be secure. Double glazed doors improve the security of your home exponentially.

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