Benefits of Having Double Glazed Aluminium or uPVC Fixed Windows?

18 July 2017

Double glazed windows, or windows with insulated glazing, are made using two panes of double glazed glass. The resulting space between these two panes greatly reduces the effects of sound as well as heat, providing excellent insulation. A double glazed window is frequently listed as containing an IGU (Insulated Glass Unit). In less expensive designs, the space between glass panes may simply consist of air, while better quality designs that are more effective contain gas like argon that fills this empty space.

The top caliber window frames manufactured today are uPVC frames for uPVC fixed windows. Providing high quality thermal and sound insulation, these frames also offer superior air sealing when installed. In addition, they will not conduct high or low temperatures as many metals will, and they do not warp, fade or disintegrate with age as wooden frames do. You will obtain top level durability for low maintenance costs, or none at all, when you select uPVC frames for your new window installations.

The earlier version of the currently patented compound of uPVC, manufactured and sold by the Deceuninck company in Germany for more than 40 years, was completely recyclable, with the capacity to be effectively recycled five times. The current-day version of uPVC is also 100 percent recyclable. Its superb properties of thermal insulation enable you to decrease your carbon footprint extensively by installing these windows in your home. Aluminium window frames also provide an airtight fit to aid temperature control for your home, but they lack the strong insulating properties offered by uPVC frames.

Primary Benefits of Installing Double Glazed Aluminium or uPVC Fixed Windows in Your Home

Main benefits of installing double glazed aluminium or uPVC framed windows in your home’s interiors include the following:

• Quieter, More Peaceful Home Life.
– With insulating double glazed windows with aluminium or uPVC frames installed in the rooms of your home, you and your entire household will enjoy a quieter, more peaceful living environment. Especially if you live near a busy street, highway, airport or train depot, the noise reduction levels provided by your well insulated modern windows will greatly improve your everyday quality of life.

• Reduced Energy Bills. – As much as 40 percent of energy used to heat a home can be lost through poorly insulated windows. Approximately 86 percent of hot air can enter through less than airtight window installations to interfere with room cooling during hot weather. With the highly efficient thermal properties of double glazed windows and uPVC frames, emissions of greenhouse gas and energy costs can be significantly lowered.

• Higher Star Energy Rating. – When you install double glazed windows, and especially if they have uPVC frames, your home will receive a higher star rating for energy. With a higher star rating, your home can be placed on the real estate market for sale at a higher price than before. Your higher Star Energy rating also means a more impressive ROI (Return on Investment) for you as it lowers your current monthly energy bill. Since new Australian homes must qualify for a six-star rating, this is a good level to aim for with your new window installations.

By engaging the expert advice and services of Win-Tech Australia in Coolaroo, Victoria, providers of the latest architectural and practical innovations in window designs for your home, you will benefit from top-tier knowledge, experience and window designs. This company offers the best quality modern windows, double glazed with uPVC frames, at reasonable prices for the ultimate window insulation. These updated, attractive and highly functional windows are also environmentally safe and protective while offering you impressive energy cost savings.

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