Benefits of Having High Performance and Multi-Functional Aluminium Louver Windows

21 March 2017

Whether it is for building a dream home, or planning a home renovation project at a current residence, most property owners are focused on the furnishings, the choice of curtains, and the colour of the walls, rather than the type of windows to install, which is understandable. However, with the right type of windows in the house, there are benefits to be had that home owners are unaware about, such as the case with high performance and multi-functional aluminium louvre windows.

Multi-Functional Aluminium Louvre Windows Benefits Your Home

Most people in general don’t realise the benefits that louvre windows offer. Yes, like any standard window, these let in the light and keep the rain and wind out. However, other than these common shared benefits, various types of windows have advantages and disadvantages to consider, and these should be considered before making a decision on the type of window for a new home, or a home renovation project.

Compared to standard windows and sliding windows constructed with wood or polyurethane window frames, aluminium louver windows are the best choice for residential homes, and effectively lets in both light and air by simply using a handle or lever to adjust the glass blades open or closed. The adjustable blades of louvre windows allows you to better control a more evenly distributed air flow inside your home, by tilting the glass blades upwards or downwards.

In fact, these have the capacity to open up twice as much space than standard windows, allowing maximum airflow inside your home. Also, aluminium louvre windows are easier to maintain and clean, as high-grade aluminium does not corrode or rust, and the glass blades can be cleaned on both sides, from the inside. This is a very attractive feature of louvre windows, especially for multi-story homes and offices because you don’t have to physically go outside to clean the windows.

Multi-functional aluminium louvre windows are ideal for use in both residential and commercial properties because these allow more than twice the amount of airflow into a building, and the direction of airflow can be adjusted by tilting the glass blades, they are easier to maintain and clean.

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