Benefits of Replacing Iron Windows with Single or Double Glazed Aluminium Windows

13 October 2017

Did you know that the style of window that you have can net a dramatic impact on your home? It’s true! Your windows offer a view into your home and along with it a host of concerns regarding your home security, your home value, and even your utility bills! Today we are going to take a closer look at the benefits of single or double glazed aluminium windows and how they might bring more value than your conventional iron windows!

Benefits of Aluminium Windows

Alright, so you probably have never taken such a close look at your windows before as you are doing now. While we’ve got your attention we are going to introduce you to Single/Double glazed aluminium windows and their benefits. There are a wide range of positives that can be had with a simple purchase and installation.

1. Aluminium
– To start things off we need to just look at the value of aluminium as a material. This lightweight material is well known for being low-maintenance, durable, and long lasting. Aluminium won’t corrode or rust and it will withstand the beating that strong weather can bring.

2. Price – Aluminium windows are going to be much more affordable than steel and iron counterparts and despite the price difference, you are still getting something high in quality.

Single & Double Glazing Benefits
Okay, you’ve got an understanding as to why aluminium windows are better than iron ones. Now let’s introduce you to glazing. If you don’t know what glazing is you aren’t missing out on anything technical or hard to understand. Glazing basically refers to the glass that you install within the frame of your window. You’ll find glazed windows in a variety of shapes and colours with different powdercoat finishes such as Mother of Pearl or Shoji White. Let’s look at the benefits of glazing now that we are familiar with it!

1. Temperature Control – One of the greatest benefits of glazing your windows comes by way of temperature control and, naturally, improved utility bills. Glazed windows help to prevent heat from leaving your home and cold air from getting into it. This makes glazed windows more efficient in winter AND summer. Who wouldn’t like that?

2. Noise Reduction
– Glazed windows improve not only temperature but noise in your home or office. Glazed windows can improve your noise reduction by leaps and bounds.

3. Improved Security
– Finally, you should know that glazed windows are actually more secure than the generic iron alternative. Glazed windows are harder to break and a deterrent for criminals.

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