Aluminium Door Design Options: Differences between Sliding, Stacker, Hinged, and Bi-fold Doors

30 May 2017

Aluminium door design options are ideal for homes since they are easy to maintain, durable and offer an adequate thermal performance. Since these door options come in a variety of styles, though, it can be a confusing task to select which style is best for your needs unless you understand the differences between the styles. […]

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5 Reasons to Switch to PVC Doors for your Home

09 May 2017

The use of PVC products is on the rise, and one area where this can be plainly seen is in the construction industry. Whether it is new home builds, or home renovation projects, PVC doors and windows are being used and preferred more and more, for good reasons. To help property owners understand why so […]

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Advantages of PVC for Windows and Doors

28 April 2017

If you need to install doors and windows in a new construction or a renovation project, you may want to consider the positive characteristics that poly vinyl chloride or PVC ones will offer you. They allow flexibility in design, a low-maintenance option and thermal performance just for a few examples. To help you make a […]

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Aluminium Frames for Windows and Doors: What are the Advantages?

19 April 2017

Over the years, various parts of your house will need improvement, including doors and windows. When you need to update these items at your house, you should consider the attributes of ones with aluminium frames. The reason that we recommend this particular style of these elements is the fact that aluminium provides you with numerous […]

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Benefits of Having High Performance and Multi-Functional Aluminium Louver Windows

21 March 2017

Whether it is for building a dream home, or planning a home renovation project at a current residence, most property owners are focused on the furnishings, the choice of curtains, and the colour of the walls, rather than the type of windows to install, which is understandable. However, with the right type of windows in […]

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