Why Should You Choose Energy Efficient Windows for Your New Home?

14 July 2020

Numerous physical elements must be considered in designing your new home. Some of these elements include the construction materials, the overall layout and distribution of spaces, dimensions for rooms, landscaping, and many more. Nonetheless, one thing that you must always think about your new home is its sustainability. And if there is one place that […]

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Coloured PVC Doors and Windows: What Makes Them Ideal for Your Melbourne Home?

30 June 2020

Coloured polyvinyl chloride (PVC) doors and windows are gaining in popularity due to the many benefits it can bring in one’s home. As such, its benefits and characteristics make it ideal for most Melbourne homes due to the fusion of aesthetic and functionality that is common in the area. Know more coloured PVC doors and […]

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PVC Doors and Windows: Proper Cleaning, Disinfection and Maintenance

14 June 2020

One of the most common materials that are used for doors and windows is polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC is a high strength thermoplastic material that is used in a wide variety of products like doors, windows, pipes, wire and cable insulation, medical devices, and many more. Industries that produce these products maximise PVC because of […]

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Windows of the Future: Trends and Designs Using Aluminium and PVC Frames

26 May 2020

One crucial aspect of window frames that determine their overall characteristics and properties is their material. While the market now offers a wide variety of materials for window frames, most homeowners prefer aluminium and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) because of their customisability, durability, and energy efficiency. These materials are also in enhancing the overall design appeal […]

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Aluminium Window Frame Designs: Customised Options that Deliver the Best for Your Home

13 May 2020

Windows are often the best way for us to enjoy the views of our neighbourhood or locality. They also let natural light come in from the outside, making our homes livelier. Aside from the overall look and feel, windows are intended to keep our homes cross ventilated.  All these benefits of windows can only be […]

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