Commercial Aluminium Doors and Windows: How Can You Determine Excellent Quality?

29 May 2018

Aluminium is a very versatile, affordable, and long-lasting material that has not only found its way into most modern food-storage, kitchenware, and industrial sectors, but also in home furnishing and décor. One of the most popular examples of aluminium use for the home is in the form of doors and windows.

Metal doorways and windows are not at all uncommon. Historically, wooden doors were chased with hammered copper, brass, or precious metals not only to aid in prolonging its life and weather-proofing otherwise delicate wood, but also to announce the wealth and status of the individual who commissioned the piece. Solid metal doors were likewise employed, albeit very rarely, to secure granaries, treasuries or graves of persons of renown.

Today, solid metal doors made of brass, copper, or other precious metals may be far too expensive for the average person to afford, but the trend for metal doors and windows are still going strong.

Aluminium is one of the most popular options for the creation of metal doors and windows for a number of reasons: it is strong, it can be moulded, hammered, textured and welded into an assortment of different shapes. Above all else it is an affordable and abundant material.

However, because of its affordability, not all aluminium doors and windows are made the same, some are better than others. Thankfully, there are hallmarks of quality that you can look out for, such as the following:

• Density – you can often tell the quality of an aluminium door by the density. Oftentimes, low-quality doors are made of thin sheets of aluminium and will feel ‘light’ in spite of its size. High-quality doors are geared towards long-lasting and low-maintenance applications, and will often be heavier, since the aluminium used will be of a thicker variety.

• Seamless welds – high-quality doors will often feature framework or jambs and other parts that have a seamless weld. This shows that the manufacturers took the time and the effort to ensure that any structural flaw is eliminated before sending out the final product to be marketed. Seamless aluminium doors don’t only look good, they also last longer and will be more ‘solid’ than shoddily welded ones.

• Price range – high-quality aluminium doors and windows will come at a decent price. While they will still be far more affordable than hardwood doors and windows, they likewise won’t be ‘dirt cheap’.

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