Commercial Aluminium Doors in Melbourne: Durability and Strength for All-Weather Conditions

16 October 2018

If you are considering using aluminium doors for your commercial building or business, you are not alone. In fact, aluminium doors and windows are considered the standard today because of the many benefits they provide. Aluminium is affordable, strong, durable, and weather resistant, just to mention a few of the metal’s benefits.

If you are looking for a company that supplies and installs commercial aluminium doors in Melbourne, so you can benefit from the durability and strength for all-weather condition, then Win-Tech Australia can help.

Get Commercial Aluminium Doors in Melbourne at Win-Tech Australia

In the past, wooden doors, steel doors, and even copper and brass doors were used to secure residential and commercial properties, as these are strong materials that are durable, strong, and resistant to all-weather conditions. However, when compared to the pros and cons of commercial doors made from wood, steel, copper and brass, aluminum commercial doors have no equal.

Aluminium commercial doors are much lighter and less expensive than other types of commercial doors, but just as strong, durable, all-weather resistant, and will not rust or corrode with time and exposure to the elements. However, not all aluminium doors are made the same, and when it comes to commercial aluminium doors, you want to make sure they are of high quality to withstand all-weather conditions.

Here are some of the characteristic to determine excellent quality commercial aluminium doors:

Thick profile – commercial aluminium entrance doors should have an exceptionally thick profile, to be able to resist forced entry attempts and to handle even extreme weather conditions, which also makes opening and closing easier in all-weather conditions.

The weld is seamless – seamless welding of jambs and other parts of the framework are one of the main characteristics of a quality commercial aluminium door. This indicates that the manufacturer spent time to make sure that there were no structural flaws before delivering the final product to the customer.

Powder painted – commercial aluminium doors that are powder painted have an extraordinary resistance to all-weather conditions, and have a near unlimited range of colours to choose from that can match any design theme. Another benefit of aluminium powder coating is that the colour will not fade, even when exposed to the rays of the son on a daily basis, so no subsequent recoating in never needed.

If you want to find the best commercial aluminium doors in Melbourne that have the durability and strength for all-weather conditions, then contact Win-Tech Australia today.

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