Different Dulux Powder Coating Options for your Aluminium Doors and Windows

16 October 2017

When you look at your front door or the windows of your house or place of work, what do you see? You probably just see windows and doors, right? Well, you should know by now that not all doors and windows are made equal. In fact, there is a very clear and very effective difference between a regular aluminium door and window and one that has been powder coated. Today we are introducing you to Dulux Powder Coating and how it can dramatically improve your house or business. Buckle up, there’s a ton to learn!

Value of Powder Coating

One of the most thorough and effective finishing processes in the industry is called powder coating. Powder coating is a massive benefit pretty much wherever it is used but it is particularly impacting for windows and doors. So, before we dig into the values of powder coating let’s briefly look at what powder coating is.

Powder coating is a special process that uses a mixture of finely grounded pigment and resin. This mixture looks like a pile of coloured dust and after it is mixed it is electrostatically applied to the surfaces of your products — windows, doors, toys, and appliances — anything you can imagine. Powder coating is prevalent all over the world and it has a host of positive traits. Now, let’s look at a few benefits of choosing powder coated windows and doors.

1. Durability – Powder coating makes your windows and doors immensely more durable. Powder coating makes surfaces more resistant to wear and tear such as chipping and scratching while also preventing the natural fading of colour. Getting a Dulux Powder Coated window options like the Duratec Timberland means that your colour will stay strong and untarnished.

2. Environmentally Friendly – Powder coating is actually a very protective process of the environment! Most liquid finishes contain solvents known as VOCs, volatile organic compounds. These solvents are released into the atmosphere. With powder coating this is not an option at all, no solvents are used and nothing is released into the atmosphere. Your Dulux Precious Trophy Pearl window is as environmentally friendly as it is aesthetically appealing.

3. Affordability – Cutting VOCs out of the process makes powder coated finishes much more popular for companies to produce. These powder coated windows and doors become more popular with people and thus are more affordable for every day usage!

If you want to improve your place of work both aesthetically and functionally then consider Dulux Powder Coating windows and doors for your next improvement.

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