Different Signs that Indicate You Need to Replace Your Windows

28 September 2020

Your window components, which typically include window frames and the windowpanes, are typically made from materials that are truly durable and long-lasting. Their durability and longevity, however, may be overlooked and that these windows may have actually deteriorated in quality after a very long time. In some instances, they may even need to be replaced immediately.

Repair for windows is uncommon. Most of the time, windows that have deteriorated in quality and performance can only be saved by replacing them entirely. If you are not sure whether you need to replace your windows or not, then here are some clear signs that tell you to do the former immediately.

Jamming Occurrences

Windows are intended to operate smoothly all the time. And so, any occurrence of jamming and sticking on your windows would only mean that they already possess serious operation issues. Difficult in raising or lowering your windows may indicate that your window components have already corroded, which is a problem that is difficult to fix and maintain. The only solution to this operation issue is to find a professional who can help you obtain a set of windows that can easily resist damaging elements.

Window Frame Damages

Not all corroded window frames will jam. There are times where damaged window frames can still work. However, any damage that may occur on this specific window part can inevitably affect the glass on your windows. Window frames may possess mould and chips, which only mean that they have already aged after a long time of use. The occurrence of these window frame damages may then cause your window glass to crack and break. If your windows have these damages, then you should replace them right away.

Presence of Condensation

Windows that are closed should not be able to allow condensation to fill their glasses with fog. However, if you notice some fog or condensation between your glass panes, then the seals of your windows are most likely failing. When condensation forms, it would be difficult for you to see the outdoor view. It also indicates that there are other existing problems on your windows like leaks and frost/ice build-up. Replacing your windows with highly effective ones can help you get rid of the fog situation.

Audible Outdoor Noise

Hearing the outdoor noise can be distracting, especially if you are near a busy street or your neighbours own some dogs. With effective windows, all these sounds can be blocked off and minimised. Windows that have problems, on the other hand, will only allow the outdoor noise to infiltrate your property and fill it in with distracting outdoor sounds. To block outdoor noise, you must replace your windows with ones that have a great insulating property. 

Rising Energy Costs

If your energy costs have oddly increased after a few months, then your windows might need to be replaced right away. Windows in old homes usually come in either single units or double pane units. With these window types, they are most likely prone to leaks after years of using them. These leaks will then make your heating or cooling units to operate beyond their normal capacity just to match the intended room temperatures. Replacing your windows with energy-efficient windows can help you control energy costs. To know more about window replacements and why you should do them, just contact us at Win Tech Australia.

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