Double Glazed Doors and Windows for New Homes: Benefits for Home Builders and Home Owners

14 August 2020

The parts and components of a new home would usually vary depending on the preference of its owner or the builder. Two components that can be crucial in designing a new home are doors and windows. Both parts serve as the gateway of the interiors of a home to the exteriors. Therefore, it would be great if these parts are made from durable and reliable types of materials.

If you are still choosing for the best type of doors or windows that you must get or build, then you might want to consider double glazing as one of your options. Double glazed doors and windows contain two layers of glass that are separated by either an inert gas or vacuum. Double glazed materials usually utilise unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) frames to make them exude beneficial characteristics for home builders and homeowners.

Greater Property Safety and Security

The presence of double layers of durable glass is sufficient to maintain safety and security inside your new home. Double glazed doors and windows can be resilient and more difficult to break, which can be beneficial for families that have children. Aside from keeping the children safe, the enhanced strength of two layers of glass helps deter any attempts of burglary and break-in. Forcing double glazed doors and windows to open from the outside is nearly impossible, especially if the glass is laminated or toughened.

Improved Heat and Noise Insulation

Double glazed doors and windows can also help regulate temperature and noise inside a new home. The installation of two layers of glass can significantly provide better insulation than the traditional ones. Double glazing can reduce the amount of heat transfer, making it possible for the property to retain the heat from the sun during colder days and vice versa. The temperature regulation of double glazing also prevents interior decors and furniture from getting damaged due to temperature fluctuations. Another associated effect of temperature regulation is reduced consumption of energy.

Noise can also be insulated by double glazing due to the inclusion of inert gas or vacuum between the glass layers. This type of doors and windows is advantageous for properties that are located next to a loud, busy community or neighbourhood.

Decreased Amount of Condensation

Related with heat insulation property, double glazed doors and windows can also reduce the amount of condensation that may form on their glass surfaces. Whenever the air outside the house is cold, the moisture inside the house will immediately condense on windowpanes, especially if the air is inside is warm. The condensation process may even produce water droplets that can wet your curtains. With double glazed doors and windows, all the effects of condensation are reduced and minimised significantly since the inner pane is always insulated from the outer one.

Enhanced Property Appearance

The overall style and design of double glazed doors and windows can easily match any home or property layout, structure, and appearance. As a matter of fact, these doors and windows can even improve the appearance of the rooms or living spaces. With a wide range of options for double glazed doors and windows, most home builders and homeowners can surely obtain their preferred overall property aesthetics and design.

Going for double glazed doors and windows for new homes is a must due to the existence of all these mentioned benefits. Your safety and security will not be compromised with double glazing. You can also expect greater energy and property conservation as well as a more enhanced property appearance.

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