Energy Efficiency Performance of Aluminium Windows

12 March 2021

Property owners today have the liberty to choose the type of windows that can match their respective rooms and spaces. They can even have their windows customised, particularly when it comes to the materials used for their frames, glass, and other window components.

One specific window material that is often considered by many property owners is aluminium. Aluminium is one of the most widespread metals on the planet, allowing it to be utilised in almost all types of parts and products. And since this silvery-white metal can be combined with other elements, it can easily boast qualities and characteristics that other materials do not normally possess.

Enhancing the Efficiency of Aluminium Window

Aluminium windows can be integrated with additional enhancements to make them energy efficient. One of these enhancements is the presence of two glass panes. The inclusion of two panes of glass, which can be identified as double glazing, makes the aluminium windows energy efficient since they can effectively reduce heat transfer. The space between the glass panes of the aluminium windows can be filled with special gases, which allows the windows to limit the transfer of hot or cold air between surfaces.

The addition of warm edge spaces can likewise make the aluminium windows energy efficient since they can prevent heat transfer between the window edge and the air space of the glass panels. They are often made from thermally efficient materials to ensure that they can carry out their functions optimally. Weather seals can also be included in aluminium windows to effectively cover gaps and cracks that may be present around the window frames and prevent the escape of either warm or cool air.

Glass panes that are covered with low-emissivity films are known as low-E glass. And if these glass panes are integrated into the aluminium windows, they can effectively reflect heat back into the direction of its source without compromising their ability to let light pass through.

Other Known Properties of Aluminium Windows

Traditional aluminium window frames are normally inefficient since they would just allow heat to pass through and enter the property. Modern aluminium windows, alternatively, now undergo special processes that would make them energy-efficient and conduct heat, cold, and noise slower.

Aside from their ability to save energy, aluminium window frames can be beneficial for property owners as they are highly durable and robust. They can easily withstand corrosion, moisture, and other elements, ensuring that they will not crack, swell, split, or warp in the long run. And since they cannot get damaged right away, their upkeep requirements are much more minimised compared to other window materials.

Another great property of aluminium window frames is that they can look beautiful and appealing. Aluminium window frames may come in a wide variety of finishes, colours, and others. With their customisation options, they can truly enhance the overall appearance of any given home or building.

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