Energy Efficient Buildings with Glazed Aluminium Doors and Windows

10 February 2017

The cost of heating continues to grow, and there many ways to generate heat which are also detrimental to the environment. That is why investments in energy-efficient buildings have skyrocketed because these not only reduce the overall costs of heating during the colder seasons, but effectively reduces the total carbon footprint of homes and businesses.

In fact, energy-efficient buildings with glazed aluminium not only save considerable amounts of money off heating costs, but do not pose any harm to the environment. In fact, not too many years ago, energy-efficient buildings were rarely thought about, and what did count as ‘energy-efficient’ just a few decades ago were often stuffy buildings that cost too much to maintain. Today, there are different energy-saving solutions that range from the overly pricey to the downright impractical for typical homes and office buildings.

Thankfully, there are a number of energy-efficient materials that can be employed to save off energy usage, cut down on heating costs, and effectively reduce the overall carbon emissions generated by buildings on a day-to-day basis. Among the best and most affordable materials available in this regard is aluminium.

Benefits of Glazed Aluminium in Energy Efficient Buildings 

There are various advantages to aluminium fixtures in buildings, especially of the glazed variety, that materials such as steel, reinforced brass, cement and brick cannot offer.

Benefits of glazed aluminium affordability – unlike industrial-grade reinforced steel doors and windows that cost a ‘ton’ of money and takes ages to properly install and maintain, aluminium is abundantly available. Aluminium window and door companies can refine and shape aluminium frames to meet any building’s requirements, and, it is far more affordable than other standard building materials.

Durability and ease-of-installation
– when properly made, aluminium doors and windows are just as durable as steel ones, but several times lighter, which makes transport and installation easier and less costly.

Low-maintenance nature – glazed aluminium windows are very low-maintenance and require very little care, even when exposed to the elements, compared to steel which requires much priming prior to outdoor installation.

Improved thermal performance – high-performance glazed aluminium doors and windows are capable of achieving increased heat-gain and heat-retention, preventing as much as 60% heat loss, compared to the more ‘standard’ timber, uPVC, and glass equivalents, these considerably cut down on heating costs in the long run.

If you’re interested in turning your home of office into an energy-efficient building, glaze aluminum windows and doors will allow you to save on heating costs, overall maintenance, repairs, and expensive installation.

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