Factors to Consider When Choosing PVC Windows for your Home

17 August 2018

All across Australia homeowners are discovering the many attributes of PVC windows for their homes. It is easy to understand this increase in popularity once you know that quality versions of these windows can offer effective noise reduction, heat insulation, durability and an attractive appearance just to name some of their qualities. Also, you have numerous design options with these windows to ensure that you can find one that suits your house’s style to perfection. We share all of the factors to consider when selecting PVC windows for your house in the following.

Select the Design of Windows That Best Suits Your Needs

The first decision that you will need to make is what design is right for you house. PVC windows are available in single-glazed or double-glazed versions in the following design styles:

• Awning
• Fixed
• Casement
• Louvre
• Sliding
• Double Hung

Buy Only PVC Windows with High Thermal Performance

Only quality PVC windows offer high thermal performance since they combine the best PVC with the ideal glass. As a result, they have the ability to provide protection from heat loss during the winter, and this results in lower heating bills. Also, these windows prevent heat from entering the home during the summer, which lowers your air-conditioning bills. When in search of the highest possible thermal performance, choose a double-glazed version of these windows.

PVC Windows Should Also Provide You with Effective Acoustic Performance

Windows made from PVC also provide excellent acoustic performance when they are manufactured with quality materials and workmanship. Ask to see proof of this fact before purchasing any PVC Windows for your home. As with the thermal performance, double-glazed windows will increase the amount of acoustic performance that your windows will provide to your home.

Remember to Choose the Colour That Complements Your House’s Décor Favourably

Another consideration for PVC windows is the colour that will best complement and enhance your homes décor. At present, your colour choices include:

• Nut Tree, which is similar to walnut
• Silver
• Golden Oak
• Primrose, which is a neutral shade
• Ash Black
• White
• Alu Grey

*Note: You can even mix or match the colours depending upon your specific needs.*

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