Hairline Cracks in PVC Window Frames: Causes and Remedies

13 December 2018

The popularity and wide use of PVC window frames is due to the sturdiness and longevity of the material. In fact, when they are properly installed and maintained, PVC window frames can last more than twenty-five years. Although PVC windows are strong and highly durable, there are times when cracks can appear.

Causes and Remedies of Cracks in PVC Window Frames

Typically, a crack in a PVC window frame will require that the whole frame, or parts of the frame, need to be replaced, such as jambs. Considerable sized cracks can occur as the result of an impact, or mishandling during installation of the PVC window frame. While these are not common, they can happen and go unnoticed when installers do not properly check the frame materials before and after these are installed. Similarly, it may be a while until a home owner later discovers a crack in their PVC windows.

The good news is that new PVC window frames come with a 20 and 25 year warranty service and can be replaced. However, a standard PVC window warranty doesn’t cover damaged cause by acts of nature or customer mishandle or use. It is recommended to become familiar with the warranty you received from the company that installed your PVC windows, especially if you discover any cracks.

Unlike serious cracks that require PVC window frames or their components to be replaced, hairline cracks are more common. Fortunately, these can be repaired without having to remove the window frame.

How to Fix Hairline Cracks in PVC Window Frames

The causes of hairline cracks in PVC window frames are much the same as mentioned above, but these are much easier to overlook. The best means to repair hairline cracks is by using a liquid PVC product.

The first step is to prepare the area in and around the hairline crack on your PVC window frame. Use a moist paper towel or rag to wipe the area clean of any dust and dirt, and then let it dry thoroughly. You should always wear protective gloves when opening and working with any PVC type of cement. Apply liquid PVC over and into the hairline crack, and then wipe away any excess with a dry paper towel. Let it sit for 24 hours.

Once dried, you can then carefully use a razor blade to shave off the dried liquid PVC, and then sand flat the surface using heavy grit sand paper, and PVC polish repair and scratch remover. If you are uncomfortable with doing the repairs yourself, or you need to have a large crack repaired, you can contact us here at Win-Tech Australia, we are happy to help.

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