How Aluminium Door Frames Can Help You Save Maintenance Costs

15 February 2021

Door frames, alongside other components such as door jambs, are intended to support the actual door throughout its service life. They ensure that the main door will hang level to the floor. They are also designed to seal the area around the door, making it safe from damaging elements.

There are numerous materials that can be used for door frames. Some door frames are made from wood since most doors are also made from the same materials. Others, however, would opt for aluminium door frames since they offer unique benefits to property owners. There are door frames that are already primed. Alternatively, other door frames can have a factory finish in a wide variety of colours.

Qualities of Aluminium Door Frames

Aluminium, which is a type of metal, has been one of the top choices when it comes to fabricating different parts and products. Different industries have been using aluminium to fabricate components that can be useful for machines and day-to-day activities. What makes this material useful is that it can be processed flawlessly as long as certain conditions are met.

This specific material is lightweight, making its manufacturing process to be cheaper compared to other materials. And despite its commendable weight, it can still manifest enough strength to resist corrosion and extreme temperatures. This specific material also boasts excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, good reflectivity, excellent sound and shock absorption, and notable ductility. It is likewise odourless, non-magnetic, non-toxic, and recyclable. 

Aluminium door frames boast most of these features, making them recommended for offices, commercial areas, and other properties that can be exposed to extreme elements.

Minimising Maintenance Costs

Utilising aluminium door frames for the mentioned properties can significantly help property owners save maintenance costs. Given that aluminium door frames are durable and reliable, they are expected to withstand abrasions, termite attacks, and elements that could easily destroy other types of door frames. Their corrosion resistance also makes the door frames valuable and cost-effective. Even extreme heat or coldness will not be effective in damaging the aluminium door frames.

All these strong qualities can greatly help property owners minimise maintenance costs. Since these door frames are expected to withstand basically everything for a long time, the need to maintain or repair them is simply minimised and reduced. The only task that must be done to sustain the quality of aluminium door frames is to wipe them whenever necessary. Cleaning the door frames would help remove dust particles, stains, and other dirty elements on their surfaces, which can preserve their appearance.

Win-Tech Australia Got You Covered

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