How Double Glazed Aluminium Windows Help Keep Heat and Noise Pollution Outside to Minimum

13 November 2019

Heat and noise pollution outside can be quite stressful and irritating especially when you are lounging in the confines of your home while trying to relax. You will be unable to achieve the optimum level of comfort given those circumstances. Luckily, double glazed aluminium windows can help keep heat and noise pollution outside to minimum. Here’s how.

Eliminates Draft

Double glazed aluminium windows have units that are double-paned. It is designed that way so that your windows will not let any external heat to get inside the home. The window unit is secured by the two layers of glass, and these layers are separated by a ‘dead space’ between the windows. The ‘dead space’ often made of aluminium serves as a gap for these two layers. It is normally filled with inert gas that acts as a desiccant to limit the amount of condensation in the said surfaces. Desiccants are substances that sustain dryness in whatever surface they are placed. In double glazed aluminium windows, heat pollution outside are reduced to a minimum due to the enhanced insulating properties of its components and structure.

Large Gap Reduces Noise

The gap between the two layers of the double glazed windows is significantly large. One of the layers is installed outside the property while the other is installed within the existing window frame which is usually on the inner side of the sill. Aside from the size of the gap, the gasses inside the gap can contribute greatly to keeping the noise pollution at a minimum. Incorporating Argon gas in the gap will surely help in reducing the noise.

Noise Pollution Varieties

Noise pollution can take on any form, however, it can be categorised into four most common categories. These are aircraft, road traffic, social and rail/tube noises. Aircraft noises provide minor to severe home disturbances. If you happen to live within a mile from a flight path, chances are you might be exposed to a noise up to 97 decibels. There are harmful repercussions if you are exposed to this range for more than an hour a day.

Aside from aircraft, road traffic disturbances no matter how common can cause a detrimental effect in your lifestyle. It is considered to range from 45-75 decibels. Prolonged exposure to such can trigger cardiovascular diseases. On one hand, social noises such as noisy neighbours or busy streets are deemed as statutory nuisances that could be prejudicial to health if not resolved. Lastly, rail or tube noises can produce 80 decibels of noise even at a hundred feet away. Over this level can cause permanent hearing damage after prolonged exposure.

You can keep such noise pollutants at bay by installing double glazed aluminium windows. The said unit can serve as an additional barrier to dampen down the levels of noise transmitted through the glass into living and work spaces by weakening the energy of the sound waves.

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