How to Repair Aluminium Window Scratches

04 December 2018

Aluminium window frames are a popular, affordable, and low-maintenance option for people who like sturdy window frames that last for a lifetime. Not only is aluminium a very common and easily obtainable material, it is also easily shaped, and is able to take on a wide variety of different finishes and surfacing aesthetics.

What aluminium is not, however, is impervious to damage. If you have invested in an aluminium window frame and have noticed that it has somehow developed some minor scratches, know that this is nothing to worry about. Having parts of your window frame getting scratched or lightly dinged is expected, and should be a normal part of every window frame’s lifetime.

If you are thinking of having an aluminium window frame replaced because it is showing signs of minor wear and tear, know that there are a lot of ways to fix minor scratches, all without having to spend hundreds of dollars in professional services.

Here are some things you can try, with limited tools and a basic know-how, to repair window frame scratches:

  • Sanding scratches – if your aluminium window frame is plain (i.e. untextured and not fluted), simply taking a buffer or a sander with the finest and softest grit available should be more than enough to smooth out any unsightly scratches. If you don’t have power tools, you can still remove aluminium window frame scratches with some sandpaper and a little elbow-grease.
  • Touching up finishes – some aluminium window frames come with a finished surface. These can be glossy or matte, and may even come in a wide assortment of metallic colours. Simple acrylic paint that matches the colour of the window frame is enough to retouch a matte finish, while automotive lacquer (also matching the colour of the frame) is your best bet to retouching glossy or metallic finishes.
  • Deep scratch repair – sometimes, scratches can be deep enough as to leave a clearly visible cleft or mar in the metal’s surface. This is even more unsightly in aluminium window frames that have marred finishes. Thankfully, very deep scratches can still be fixed with the help of a little composite filler, which can later be sanded and re-finished to match the overall look of the window frame.

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