Important Upkeep Tips for Aluminium Doors and Windows

09 November 2020

Aluminium doors and windows are both utilised in a lot of properties today due to several reasons. For one, they can possess custom designs as the aluminium boasts great flexibility. Additionally, they can obtain different types of finishing, ensuring that they complement well with the existing property design.

Apart from their visual benefits, aluminium doors and windows are also popular for their excellent thermal performance and sound insulation. They can effectively help the property regulate its indoor temperature and prevent outdoor noise from ruining its ambiance. Aluminium doors and windows are also durable, allowing them to last for a very long time even with minimal maintenance.

Despite the longevity and durability of aluminium doors and windows, they must still be maintained properly. Some upkeep tips that you can do for these doors and windows are as follows:

Invest in the Right Cleaning Solutions

There are many cleaning solutions that you can use for your aluminium doors and windows. However, you must take note that there are commercial products that do not work as advertised. Buying these products will not only waste your time and money, but they can also damage your doors and windows. Cleaning products that contain bleach or any other strong chemical should be used in small amounts.

When buying your cleaning solution, you must read their reviews first. Alternatively, you can just make your own cleaning solution through various household products. One alternate cleaning solution that you can do is to mix one-part hot water and one-part vinegar, creating a vinegar-based cleaner that can easily remove dirty elements on your aluminium windows and doors. 

Use the Appropriate Cleaning Tools

Aluminium doors and windows may be durable, but their surfaces may still get some damages if they are wiped with abrasive cleaning tools. Therefore, it is important to use a non-abrasive microfibre absorbent cloth for cleaning to prevent damaging their surfaces. As for the glass panels of your windows, you may want to use some squeegees in cleaning them to avoid leaving some streaks or dirty marks. A non-abrasive sponge can also be a great alternative cleaning tool for aluminium doors and windows. Just make sure that it has been moistened first before cleaning your doors and windows. 

Practice the Correct Cleaning Methods

When cleaning your window glass panels, all the dust or cobwebs that have formed must be swept away with a dry brush. Afterward, you must wipe them down with a non-abrasive sponge that is soaked in a suitable cleaning solution. After a few minutes, you must wipe the cleaning solution on your windows with a clean squeegee. A dry cloth is then used to dry the window glass panels.

As for the aluminium parts, you can also use the same cleaning solutions and tools that you have used for the glass in cleaning them. However, if there are some harsher stains, then you should use an ink rubber to remove them. Drying the aluminium parts and frames must be done with a soft, absorbent cloth.

The glass panels of your windows are recommended to be cleaned once a month, while the aluminium parts must be cleaned every two months. If you want more information about cleaning aluminium doors and windows, you can contact us at Win-Tech Australia.

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