Indications that Your Home Window Frames Should Be Replaced

12 May 2022

Some homeowners may notice signs of normal wear-and-tear or deterioration of their home’s window frames. Yet they may not be sure whether to replace the frames right away or wait until the next season. Especially if home dwellers are planning general updates and renovations for their houses in the near future, they may be inclined to wait and replace the window frames at the same time.

Five Major Signs that You Need New Window Frames

Five main signs that you need to replace your home window frames include the following:

1. Spiking Energy Bills. If you live in an older home, the window frames may be made of wood. Although wooden frames are sturdy when they are first installed, they can crack, warp and experience general deterioration as they age. If you can feel the air entering your rooms through the seams of your windows and their frames, you should replace the frames soon. Otherwise, your energy bills may increase a great deal.

2. Accumulating Moisture on Window Glass. If you notice moisture collecting on the window glass, or if you see signs of condensation between the panes of your double-glazed windows, these are indications that your window frames need replacing. By installing stainless steel or aluminium frames that provide an airtight fit between the frames and window glass, you can prevent damage from condensation.

3. Opening and Closing Windows Is Difficult. If operating your windows has become increasingly difficult, it is time to consider replacing the windows and frames. Issues with window springs or roller systems can cause problems with opening and closing your windows. If your windows do not close tightly and securely in their frames, you cannot enjoy their full use. You may also have poor ventilation issues if your windows do not operate well.

4. Soundproofing Issues.
Even if they are well maintained, most window frames need replacing within 20 to 30 years after their installation. Some fibreglass window frames can last for 40 years if they receive excellent care. Yet if you begin to notice greater noise levels entering your home from outside, it is most likely time to replace your current window frames with new, updated ones that offer a virtually seamless fit.

5. Needing to Increase Your Home’s Value. Installing stylish modern window frames that are energy-efficient can increase your home’s curb appeal and market value significantly. Since replacing your windows and frames will boost your home’s value, you are likely to recover from 70 to 80 percent of your replacement costs.

By consulting our experts at Win-Tech Australia located in Coolaroo, Victoria, you can obtain top-rated advice concerning basic indications that your home window frames need replacing. Our experienced team will guide you in deciding on the very best time to remove your older, worn frames and replace them with fashionable and functional new ones.

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