Powder Coating Finishes for Aluminium Windows and Doors

07 November 2017

Powder coating is among the leading finishes used in the world, for a variety of different products. Powder coating is an involved, systematic regiment which can greatly benefit the quality of an item when it is all said and done. Today, we are going to be focusing on the powder coating process for aluminium windows and doors. Powder coating can change the way your house looks, lasts, and is beloved by you. Let’s start by diving right into the process before outlining the benefits of a powder coated finish on your doors and windows.

The Powder Coating Process

Thanks to technological advances we are more able than ever to get high quality products with simple methods. The powder coating process on our aluminium windows and doors is simple, concise, and easy to accomplish by any number of local professionals. Let’s look at the process throughout its three primary stages.

Pre-Treatment: Before your aluminium housing products can have their powder coating process applied, they need to be pre-treated. Much like pre-treating your laundry, pre-treating aluminium products involves the removal of all foreign particles, dust, and grease. The goal here is to have the surface be as clean as possible so as to maximise adhesion.

Application: Next up we are moving on to the actual powder application. Your powder coating finish is applied via a finely mixed collection of pigmented powder. There are a variety of different machines that go through the application process but they most commonly will use an electrostatic spray gun. The powder material bonds to your aluminium door or window, thus completing the finishing addition.

Curing: Finally, the object that has been powder coated will be cured by way of a high-temperature oven. The powder is melted during this process which leads it to form a hardened coating after the material cools down.

Benefits of Powder Coating

If you own a home, you know how great it can feel to have aesthetically pleasing doors and windows. Powder coating not only allows you to improve the look of your home, but there are other tangible benefits as well. Powder coating allows your doors and window to hold up longer and act more durably. You’ll find that they hold up better to the elements and the general wear and tear of day to day use.

Powder coating is also a relatively green process. The reduction of volatile organic compounds, known as VOCs, makes powder coating an incredibly green option to chase when pursing improvements to your aluminium doors and windows.

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