Primary Elements that Affect Aluminium Door Service Life

15 January 2021

More and more property owners are leaning towards the use of aluminium doors due to their associated benefits. For one, these doors are deemed to have excellent longevity and can withstand different elements such as corrosion and weather elements. Additionally, they can easily retain their grand appearance for a long time even without extensive cleaning and maintenance. They are also eco-friendly.

While aluminium doors possess these promising characteristics, their overall performance and quality can still be affected by various elements. From the materials used to their manufacturing process, there will be some types of aluminium doors that can outlive other types of the same doors.

Some of the elements that can affect aluminium door service life are the following:

Aluminium Profile

Not all aluminium materials are made equal. There will be some aluminium materials that can truly resist corrosion, heat, moisture, and sun exposure. Others, alternatively, might not withstand the effects of the surrounding elements. With the appropriate type of aluminium profile, a specific door can easily resist deformation, embrittlement, fading, burning, and aging. And as long it follows the relevant national standards, the aluminium door can easily bring value to a specific property.

Production Process

Somehow related to the used aluminium profile, the production process of the doors can easily define their qualities even though they are still not used. Those that have been produced with high-quality equipment and high-profile aluminium are expected to perform better compared to their much low-quality counterparts and contain great qualities. Doors that are made from wrong processes, have low-quality aluminium profiles, and havepoor sealing performance can easily deteriorate as time passes by.

Door Structure

An aluminium door normally has five parts. These parts are jamb profiles, sash profiles, mullion profiles, sill, and head. The existence of these parts, as well as the overall integrity of their production, can determine the effectiveness of the aluminium doors in the long run.

Door Accessories

Apart from the main structure of the aluminium doors, the accessories associated with them can likewise affect their overall structural integrity and longevity. Accessories such as the handle, lock, hinge, and strip can all determine the service life of the aluminium doors. High-quality door accessories can ensure long life to aluminium doors, while those that are made poorly can introduce elements to the doors that can damage them after using them for a long time.

Having excellent aluminium profile, great production processes, adequate door structure, and appropriate door accessories can ensure the longevity of aluminium doors in any properties. If you want to acquire high-quality aluminium doors for your property, feel free to contact us at Win-tech Australia. We are renowned for quality manufacturing, skilled tradespeople & practical support. We offer expert advice on all your windows & doors from product recommendation, preparation, all the way to installation.

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