PVC and Aluminium Doors and Windows: A Blend of Style for Commercial Buildings

19 March 2019

Owning or maintaining a commercial property can be a frustrating experience. After all, you are in charge of not only the quality of the building but the physical appearance of it, too. When it comes time to provide aesthetic upgrades to a piece of commercial property, there are very few affordable ways to get the job done. Fortunately, upgrading your doors and windows can be an easy and effective first step. Today, we are going to be talking to you about the benefits of aluminium and PVC doors and windows. We’ll be outlining how PVC and aluminium doors and windows can blend both function and fashion.

PVC and Aluminium Doors and Windows: Function Meets Fashion

It can be hard to set your sights on an affordable way to improve your commercial property. When it comes to windows and doors, shopping for premium upgrades can be downright exhausting. Thankfully, upgrading is easy when you consider aluminium or PVC doors and windows. Both PVC and aluminium provide a range of benefits that commercial property owners will enjoy. Let’s talk about a few of those specific benefits below.

1) Versatile Appearances – Both PVC and aluminium are easy materials to work with. As a result, commercial property owners have a wide range of potential options to choose between. From colour to style, it’s easy to walk away with the right frames for your business. If you want to embrace a new style during your property upgrade, consider PVC or aluminium.

2) Affordability
– Aluminium is a slightly more expensive material to work with than PVC. However, both PVC and aluminium frames are more affordable than other heavier metal options. PVC is probably the most affordable window or door option that you can shop around for, but if you want a slight upgrade at a minimal cost, consider aluminium. PVC tends to break down quicker than aluminium, so factor in future potential replacements when considering costs.

3) Eco-Friendly – Both PVC and aluminium windows and doors are relatively eco-friendly. Aluminium is easy to recycle and thanks to the durability of the material, you’re far less likely to ‘burn through’ it. PVC is a little less eco-friendly but you can still recycle your PVC doors and windows. The winner of these two materials is clearly aluminium. Why? Aluminium will last significantly longer than PVC. In fact, aluminium is extremely resistant to corrosion and casual wear-and-tear.

Upgrading your doors and windows should never be a headache. Win-tech Australia has been serving customers with quality PVC & aluminium doors and windows since 2004. We are a fully Australian-owned and operated company, ready to help you today.

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