PVC and Aluminium Windows: Ideal for Day Care and Child Care Centres

03 April 2019

Daycare centres ought to be the model of safety and comfort. Unfortunately, there have been day care centres that have been called out for featuring construction that is not only below-par, but that could be potentially dangerous to toddlers. Knowing that toddlers can be rambunctious by nature, and wherever there are small children, accidents are bound to happen.

Windows made of wood, steel or iron may be the norm due to availability and price, but these can poise a real danger for children. New safety protocols for the construction of daycare and child care centres have lately implemented the use of PVC and aluminium as an alternative to conventional windows with steel or brass accents.

Although less stylish and durable, PVC and aluminium windows offer a greater degree of safety for toddlers than the more old-fashioned materials such as steel and wood. Here are some of the advantages that PVC and aluminium windows:

• Low-maintenance – PVC and aluminium windows require very little maintenance, other than a simple wet cloth and a little soapy water, and are weatherproofed and resistant to rusting or patination. These qualities helps to ensure that the overall surroundings of day care centres remain spotlessly clean.

• Softer, rounder edges
– both PVC and aluminium windows can be rounded out to a very smooth finish, or otherwise moulded and cast so that no sharp edges exist in the finished piece. This is of the utmost importance for daycare centres where children are left out to play, as they may sustain injuries from steel, wood, or iron windows and window grills that may sport sharp edges that have not been buffed or rounded out.

• Helps maintain room temperature
– compared to wooden windows, PVC and aluminium windows help to ensure favorable climate in day care and child care centres. Maintaining a comfortable room temperature is important for small children, and PVC and aluminium windows help reduce thermal conductivity during the hot summer months and will keep out the cold during winter.

• Long shelf life
– both PVC and aluminium windows have a long shelf life of roughly, aluminium windows can last roughly sixty years, while PVC windows are will last about thirty years. However, the life of a typical warranty on PVC and aluminium windows is about 25 years.

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