PVC Doors and Windows: All Available Options at Win-tech Australia

26 March 2021

Doors and windows can be made from different materials. Some of them can be made from wood, which is known to provide great thermal performance, strength, and rigidity. Others, alternatively, can be manufactured out of aluminium. Aluminium doors and windows are known to be lightweight, resistant to corrosion, reflective, ductile, and recyclable.

Another material that can be used in manufacturing doors and windows is polyvinyl chloride or PVC. PVC doors and windows can be beneficial for property owners as they can resist abrasion, corrosion, and outdoor elements. They are also lightweight, durable, and tough, ensuring that the doors and windows can last for a very long time. With the right fabrication of parts and components, these doors and windows can likewise be energy efficient. All these qualities make them cost-effective for property owners.

We, at Win-tech Australia, offer a wide array of options for PVC doors and windows.

PVC Doors

  • Sliding: PVC sliding doors are typically installed between the gaps of a wall. Their placement allows them to operate sideways, making them great for properties that utilise small rooms or tight access areas. They can even be used for cupboards and wardrobes. 
  • Stacker: Typically smaller than sliding doors, PVC stacker doors can be installed on places that have a wide doorway. These doors have panels that can be freely controlled by the users, limiting the amount of fresh air that enters a specific room or area.
  • Hinged: PVC hinged doors are typically installed in a passageway through numerous hinges on one side, connecting them to the wall. Their basic composition allows them to be swung open and close. These doors can be useful for a lot of properties, as long as there are adequate spaces.
  • Bi-Fold: PVC bi-fold doors are doors that can fold in or out to open up the rooms or spaces. They are often recommended to be installed inside or outside home properties. They can likewise be used as the main gateway to a garden, conservatory, or any other outdoor structure.

PVC Windows

  • Awning: PVC awning windows are windows that are hinged at the top. They are often maximised in openings that have a greater width than their height. These windows can be easily opened or closed by turning a fold-down handle.
  • Fixed: PVC fixed windows are installed to fully maximise beautiful outdoor views and scenery. They are known to be the most energy-efficient windows that are available out there. They likewise allow natural light to come in, making properties well-illuminated on most days.
  • Casement: Somehow similar to awning windows, PVC casement windows can also be opened or closed through a fold-down handle. The only difference is that casement windows are hinged at the side. These windows can likewise be opened outward, either to the left or to the right.
  • Double Hung: PVC double hung windows are windows that can move up and down due to their included operating sashes. These windows allow great ventilation on the top, bottom, or both sides. Double hung windows are ideal for patios, walkways, and any other similar places.

All our PVC windows and doors can be designed to meet your expectations and turn your vision into reality. With our vast variety of PVC designs, you always have the opportunity to be one step closer to the designer home you always wanted. To know more, just contact us at Win-tech Australia.

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