PVC Double-Glazed Windows: High Efficiency in Thermal Insulation

30 June 2017

When you have attractive and durable PVC double glazed windows installed in your home, you will be impressed with their high degrees of thermal efficiency and noise reduction. These windows are in popular use throughout Australia today as cost-effective and eco-friendly options for modern window installations. These double-glazed windows are completely recyclable, and much less energy is needed to produce them than windows with aluminum frames.

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) window frames are composed of 57 percent chlorine and 43 percent ethylene and are sold with a 10-year warranty since they can withstand the periods of harsh weather that commonly occur in Australia. These frames outperform aluminium frames because they absorb heat during the hot summer months or cold during winter. Homeowners often choose these sturdy, double glazed windows with PVC frames for their primary benefit of optimal efficiency as thermal insulation while they add appealing style to any home’s interior decor.

Main Benefits of Your New PVC Double Glazed Windows as Thermal Insulators

Important benefits of your newly installed PVC double glazed windows as effective thermal insulators include the following advantages:

• Reduced Energy Costs. – Your energy costs for home heating and cooling will be greatly reduced when you install these highly effective thermal windows and frames. Your home will require significantly lower amounts of heating during winter and cooling in summer. In addition, you will not need to heat or cool your home for as many months as you did prior to installing your modern thermal windows since during the transitional months of spring and fall leading into the hot and cold seasons, your new thermal windows and frames will maintain moderate interior temperatures throughout your home.

• Better Temperature Regulation. – With the interior temperature of your home’s rooms regulated by your PVC double glazed windows, you will not need to worry about moving delicate plants away from windows during cold weather to keep them from withering on freezing cold, blustery days. In summer, you can place perishable foods on your kitchen table in direct sunlight without having them spoil or melt within a short period of time.

• Low Maintenance Windows. – These windows that provide effective thermal insulation are actually very low maintenance windows, so you will enjoy even more cost savings during their guaranteed lifetime of 10 years, or even longer.

By having your PVC double glazed windows installed by the experts at Win-Tech Australia, located in Coolaroo, Victoria, you will gain all the benefits of superior thermal insulation for you home. During both the cold, harsh days of winter and the sizzling heat of summer, your home will maintain moderate temperatures, requiring less energy to heat and cool for your comfort and satisfaction. These windows are also completely eco-friendly and come with a full 10-year warranty due to their sturdy construction from durable materials.

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