PVC - Features

Thermal Performance

With the ever changing climate outside, PVC systems help you create a comfortable atmosphere indoors all year round. PVC’s natural insulation qualities make it the ideal material to obtain good results in terms of thermal insulation. PVC’s ability to cause a significant reduction in heat loss, allows buildings fitted with PVC windows and doors to use less heating in winter and less cooling in summer.

Acoustic Performance

With the hustle and bustle of the outside world, when we enter our homes we want nothing but peace and quiet. With large chambers and seals in all its systems, PVC offers the best guarantee in terms of acoustic performance thanks to its excellent sound insulation. When you then join that together with the wide variety of double glaze performance glass, you can then achieve energy efficient values similar to those of thermally broken aluminium for a fraction of the price.

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As everybody’s aesthetic feelings varies, the demand for various colours with our PVC windows & door systems are ever increasing. With a variety of 7 colours to choose from, our PVC systems provide a solution suitable for any kind of structure.

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