Reasons Why Exterior Bi-fold Aluminium Doors Are Ideal for Your Melbourne Home

24 February 2022

Bi-fold doors are the modern version of the old 1960s styled sliding doors, and the reason the bi-fold versions are the trend is that they offer a stylish minimalistic look and improved functionality. They flood the home with natural lighting and provide a sleek, modern look that brings beauty to the house.

Bi-fold doors are available in PVCu, aluminium, and wood options. However, this variety of options also makes it challenging to understand which material is best for your type of project.

Here is a look at five advantages to using aluminiumbifold doors compared to other types of doors and materials.


Bi-folding doors are glass door system that folds like an accordion. They don’t swing to the side or disappear into a recess, instead, the panels stack up against each other against a wall. In prior years, bi-folding doors were made of inexpensive wood, which is probably why they used to have a bad reputation. New models use high-quality materials and tempered glass.

Design Aesthetics

Bi-fold doors are very contemporary, and if your home design is modern, you might want to consider the aluminium bi-fold doors seriously. The aluminium doors are a fantastic option because the doors are slim, lighter, and offer a seamless, clean, and modern look where the focus is on the simple design and the immense expanse of glass that you see in front of you.


Aluminium bi-fold doors can open sideways, inwards, or outwards. Depending on your home design and your requirements, they can be designed to slide left or right. Manufacturers can make aluminium doors to fit apertures up to 6 meters wide.

Most aluminium doors are black, white, or grey, but they can come in 200 colours to match the design of your home. If you so desire, you can even use one colour on the exterior and one on the interior.


Aluminium bi-fold doors are light and easy to open and close. They come in low threshold options that allow for a seamless transition between an indoor and outdoor space. In addition, this low threshold gives better accessibility to disabled people or older people who don’t want to step over a barrier to move from the indoor to the outdoor area.

Improved Sustainability

It is important to note that aluminium is a 100%recyclable material, yet it is solid and durable. This material is well suited for homeowners looking for a sustainable and energy-efficient option.


Aluminium bi-fold doors are low maintenance and only require an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth and lubrication on hinges and locks.

What Bi-Fold Door Is Best for Me?

The best bi-fold aluminium doors will fit perfectly in your door frame and protect your home from inclement weather. It will keep insects and rodents from the house and have impact-resistant glass. In addition, the doors you choose should have smart security options and be made with energy-efficient materials like aluminium.

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