Signs That You Need to Replace Your Windows with Ones That Contain Aluminium or PVC Frames

22 June 2017

As your home ages, elements of it will require renovation, including the windows. At times, windows only require repairs, but other times, you will need to replace them. Today, the ideal choice for replacement windows are the ones that contain aluminium or PVC frames since they are lightweight, durable and affordable along with having effective thermal performance. If you are unsure whether or not to replace your current windows, we provide you a list of reasons to do so here in this information.

1. Wooden Window Frames Are Deteriorating

Your wooden window frames are deteriorating is a major reason for replacement. When this occurs, the issue can seep into other areas of your home’s structure. Replacing the windows with ones that contain PVC or aluminium frames will stop the deterioration from spreading. During the process, you can repair other issues prior to the final installation of the new windows.

2. Condensation Forms Between the Glass Panes

When the seals that prevent moisture from entering the inner space between the glass panes of windows break down, condensation forms. As a result, your view out the windows is cloudy instead of clear.

3. Your Windows Lack Adequate Thermal Performance

Another sign that your windows need replacing is when they lose their thermal performance. Lack of this type of performance causes your house to not retain heat in the winter or cool effectively in the warm weather. This also will increase your energy bills. The cost of new windows with PVC or aluminium frames will provide you with a high return on your investment in part because it will lower your energy bills back down to where they should be throughout the year.

4. Windows Require Excessive Maintenance

You may need to replace your windows because your present ones require excessive maintenance. Make your life simpler with almost maintenance-free windows with ones that contain aluminium or PVC frames since these frames only require periodic washing.

5. Windows Have an Unsightly Appearance

The last reason why you may wish to replace your windows is that they have an unsightly appearance in your opinion. Even when they are in ideal condition, you can feel that windows are not in the right style for the rest of your house. Unsightly does not necessarily mean that the window frames are in bad condition or broken.

For further facts about the signs that you need to replace your windows with ones that contain aluminium or PVC frames, consult with Win-Tech. We offer a wide assortment of windows ranging from awning to double-hung styles.

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