The Impact of Thermal Performance of Windows and Doors for Energy Efficiency

15 January 2019

The first consideration when home owners choose windows and doors for a remodeling project is to make a decision based on appearance. While appearance is important and deserves thoughtful consideration, choosing the material and style of windows and doors can have significant impact lowering energy usage in homes.

In fact, the impact of thermal performance of windows and doors for energy efficiency should not be overlooked, especially when energy cost are always rising without any sign of decline.

Double Glazing for Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows and doors saves you money each and every month, and the better the thermal performance, the more money you can save. Today, energy matters, and whole industries are now built around energy efficiency, this is especially true in regards to PVC and aluminium windows and doors.

Aluminium and PVC windows with double glazing glass panes effectively boost thermal performance. Double glazing – a process that attaches two panes of glass together, separated by a layer of inert gas – reduces heat that enters the house during warm days, and prevents heat from escaping during cold days. As a result, you will use less energy to maintain the ideal temperature in your home. Because of this boost in thermal performance, you can expect to pay less each month on your energy bill.

Double glazing also provides protection against UV rays from the sun that enter through your windows, and prevents condensation from freezing on glass in cold weather. Because of the way double-glazed panes are constructed, they provide extra protection against forced entry and break-ins, and they provide sound insulation that dampens noise outdoors, such as traffic and the neighbour’s barking dog.

PVC Window and Door Frames Increase Thermal Performance

Whether for a new build or a home renovation project, choosing to install affordable PVC windows and doors with increased thermal performance is a good idea. Many property owners and builders are now taking advantage of the benefits that PVC windows and doors offer – affordability, wide variety of design styles available, and thermal insulation characteristics.

Over the long-run, the high level of thermal performance of PVC windows and doors out shines all other benefits that is because they are energy efficient and greatly reduce utility bills.

If you are considering making your home more energy efficient, why not upgrade to PVC windows and doors, they are affordable, aesthetically appealing, and better thermal insulators than other types of materials. You can find PVC windows and doors at Win-Tech Australia – a manufacturer of quality PVC and aluminium windows and doors.

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