Things You Need to Know When Opting for Aluminium Double Hung Windows

22 November 2019

The timeless character of the aluminium double hung window has made it one of trendiest window options. As aluminium double hung windows gain popularity in home installations nowadays, there are certain things that you need to consider before going out and buying one. Same goes with other purchases. You need to be absolutely certain that the thing you are buying is exactly what you need or want at this particular time. Here are the things you need to know when opting for aluminium double hung windows.

Aluminium double hung windows are almost indestructible

Even when exposed to external elements, the material aluminium is arguably tough and indestructible. It can handle even the harshest weather conditions. It can be exposed to damp, rain and sunlight and still remain untempered. It won’t warp, crack, discolour, bend, rot or rust. Aluminium is also fireproof, thus, adding a safety feature to double hung windows.

Aluminium double hung windows are convenient

Aluminium double hung windows have a concealed spring block and tackle balance system that enables them to be opened smoothly. Their unique finger grip groove enables an easy lifting feature so that you will not exert much effort in trying to lift it.

Aluminium double hung windows allows ventilation control

Since aluminium double hung windows can be opened either from the top or from the bottom, it allows a perfect ventilation control. It allows you to direct air through the top, bottom, or both sashes together. When opened from the top, they will slide downward and when opened from the bottom, they will slide upwards.

Aluminium double hung windows allows easy cleaning

The ability of aluminium double hung windows to open both ways enables you to clean your windows with much ease and comfort. They can be tilted so it is easier to clean them from the inside of your home and negate the need to do the cleaning from the outside.

Aluminium double hung windows can give the best view

Aluminium double hung windows are sleek and slim in its design that leaves more room for a clearer view. However, you should always remember to place them in areas where you can easily reach the top, thus, placing them in a room with a high-ceiling is not a good idea. These aluminium double hung windows are ideal in the kitchen or the living area as they provide a great view from the inside of your home. Aluminium systems have inherent strength, flexibility and durability which mean that you are limited only by what your imagination allows you. That is why you should have your aluminium double hung windows from Win-Tech Australia. We offer a range of high performance glass options for your aluminium windows and doors so you’re not only able to meet the aesthetic looks for your project, but also its energy efficiency needs.

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