Time to Update Your Doors and Windows this Year 2022

09 March 2022

Are you thinking about updating your home? Many homeowners are thinking about doing this now that they are spending more time at home. If you keep looking at the front door and those old windows and you are thinking that you want to replace them look at the new styles and you’ll find an option that works best with the design of your home.

We see new building and remodelling trends every year, and the number one trend we continue to see is the use of energy-efficient doors and windows. 2022 will be no different. Homeowners who have been spending more time at home are now focusing on home remodelling projects and the first place to start is with the doors and windows.

Sleek and Modern Aluminium Styles

While aluminium windows and doors are not new, they have been a favourite of Aussie homeowners for several years. Now, aluminium doors and windows are more modern and they are manufactured to meet the demands of the customer, so their popularity remains strong.

For 2022 we see a variety of styles with an endless array of opening methods, finishes and glass options. The nice thing about aluminium is that there is an extensive range of choices and prices, yet all of the aluminium systems have inherent strength and are extremely durable.

The one outstanding feature we see this year is black coloured aluminium frames for windows. The colour contrasts nicely against the neutral tones of the home’s design.

Double Glazed Windows and Doors

This year, we see sleek and modern styles at the forefront. However, whether you choose a conventional styled door or a bold modern glass aluminium or PVC door, it is important that this new door be as energy-efficient as possible. Doors with double glazed glass are the most efficient.

Gorgeous PVC Doors and Windows

PVC doors and windows also have that WOW factor this year. This material used indoors and windows may not seem like a big deal, but it can make a huge difference to the way your home looks and the way they insulate the home effectively. This year’s style is big, bold and energy-efficient when it comes to PVC doors and Windows.

PVC is widely recognized as one of the best materials for windows and doors because of their window standards and durability. PVC windows and doors are second to none for insulation purposes and keeping draughts, noise and moisture out of the home. In addition, PVC is a low maintenance material and so it withstands inclement weather better than other types of products. With PVC there is no flaking, rotting or fading.

Bottom Line

Everyone wants green building methods and products these days and this continues to be a big trend for 2022. To reduce your carbon footprint and improve your heating and cooling efficiency, you need energy-efficient windows, and these come with double glazed glass panes, and are manufactured using PVC or aluminium.

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