uPVC vs. PVC Windows for Your Home: Are There Any Differences?

09 January 2020

For many, the difference between unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) lies solely on the single term – unplasticised. As you can see, the difference between uPVC and PVC windows is very small. Both of these types of windows hold similar benefits.  However, as for their uses in several applications – their respective differences can now be identified. Here are some of them.

uPVC Windows are a Harder Material

uPVC is a harder material than PVC due to the absence of plasticisers. They are often referred to as rigid PVC due to the absence of synthetic plastic that makes them hard and non-flexible.  One of the many reasons why uPVC is an excellent material for window frames includes the fact that they are very durable and long-lasting. When larger window frames are made from uPVC, galvanised steel reinforcement is often used to improve the strength and durability of the window frames. These kinds of windows provide outstanding performance while requiring very little maintenance.

On the other hand, PVC windows are also very durable and sturdy and therefore have a long life span. However, they are not as rigid as uPVC. These types of windows are very low-maintenance and easy to install, which altogether makes them an inexpensive option.

PVC Windows are Fire Resistant

Windows that are made from PVC are very versatile and provide many benefits. One of the main benefits arises from the synthetic plastic that is contained in PVC. This synthetic plastic, also known as synthetic resin and polyvinyl chloride, contains very little to no crude oils, which makes PVC windows fire-resistant.

Both uPVC and PVC Windows Have Acoustic Benefits

uPVC are good sound insulators. Likewise, PVC windows are considered as a significant noise reduction feature of a home. The levels of noise reduction will depend on different factors, the most important ones being the thickness of the glass and the number of window panes. In other words, the thicker the glass and the more panes you have, the less noise you will hear.

Both uPVC and PVC Windows are Resistant to Damage

You can rest assured that your uPVC window will not warp, rot or rust. The nature and quality of the uPVC allow it to hold up against the harshest weather conditions.  When it comes to maintaining your PVC windows, there is not much to worry about – a basic clean now and then will do the trick. Unlike other materials, such as wood, PVC windows will hold up well in any climate.

Consult Win-tech Australia for your uPVC and PVC window needs. Whatever your construction detail may be, we guarantee that with our aesthetic designs, colour varieties and glazing options, your windows and doors will work in all conditions with highest level of safety and great comfort, every day, for a long time to come.

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